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A screenshot, screengrab or screencap(ture), is an image created from exactly what you see on your computer screen.

Most, if not all, computers provide a fairly easy method for copying the raw "image", which can then be pasted into an image editing program for any cropping or removal of personal information before saving in an appropriate format.

Native methods[edit]

  • Windows: Alt + Print Screen/SysRq. Microsoft OneNote and the Snipping Tool (in Windows Vista and later) can also take images of smaller regions of the screen.
  • Linux (Gnome Ubuntu): Print Screen or ApplicationsAccessoriesTake Screenshot (allows delay before shot)
  • Mac: Shift + Command + 3 for a full screen capture, or Shift + Command + 4 for a user-specified area of the screen

Add ons[edit]

  • Firefox: Screengrab. Allows copying partial or entire pages. Accessible from the right-click menu, or using a desktop icon.
  • Chrome: Awesome Screenshot Allows copying partial or entire pages. Accessible via keybinds or the extension button

Formats to save images in[edit]

Obviously if you are just keeping it on your computer, any format you like will do. But for sharing over the internet, the goal is to strike a balance between quality and file size. In general, the best choice is .png.

Automated screenshots on RationalWiki[edit]

Capturebot runs automatically and grabs screenshots of any link that is part of a WIGO CP item without any editorial action. It will also do the same for any links that are enclosed in <capture> ... </capture> tags. Full instructions on its use are maintained at this page. The <capture> ...</capture> tags are in the editing toolbox allowing one-click adding.

Capturebot is currently broken, you have to upload CP screenshots manually.

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