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To divide an article into sections wiki uses headers as in the formulae below:

== Header ==

(2 equals signs on each side) produces:


=== Subheader ===

(3 equals signs on each side) produces:


==== Sub-subheader ====

(4 equals signs on each side) produces:


Why to use headers[edit]

There are three reasons:

  1. The obvious, in that they act as little headlines.
  2. If there are three or more, they will be used automatically to make a table of contents.
  3. Each one creates a new "edit" link, allowing convenient editing of parts of an article.


Don't use one equals sign each side, try it and you'll see why.

Don't repeat a header's wording as another header, it causes a number of (trivial) problems.

Edit links[edit]

You will note that all these sections have [ edit] links at the side. These links allow the section to be edited on its own apart from the rest of the article. To remove these links use __NOEDITSECTION__ (2 underscores each side) in the body after the header.


First word is always capitalized. The words after the first words are always in uncapitalized unless its a proper noun.


== Goat is the best ==
== Mr Peter and his son, Peter Pan ==

That's all there is to it[edit]

That's all you need to know for starters.

Sections are actually quite complex and beyond the scope of this baby help page, if you want to get really confused read this.

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