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RationalMedia Foundation (RMF)

Getting around Rationalwiki

The front page contains many blue[1] links to content. Clicking on these links will take you to the page or to a further set of choices. Everything (well almost everything - see below) within the wiki is reachable like this. (some words may be red: these are links inserted without a target — naughty) [2]


  • Talk pages:
  • all pages (except talk pages of course - that'd be too recursive even for some of the geeks on here) have an accompanying talk page. To see this page click on Discussion Talk in the tabs across the top when the page is open. If you edit it to leave a comment, please always "sign" your talk page contributions by typing four tildes (~~~~) after your comments. It is customary to use the colon (:) to indent comments - each colon indents a little more, and shows what you are replying to. Please, please, please do not use asterisks (*) to bullet your comments in talk pages.
  • Special pages (don't have talk pages!):
  • Recent changes. This page, if refreshed frequently, gives an ongoing view of what's happening and who is doing it.

Using the Search/Go box

Anything may be entered into the box:

  • if Search is then clicked, two searches are made: one seeks a page of that name and reports if one is found; the other looks through all pages in your preferences (qv) search criteria and finds every instance of your word or words. (simple words like "of", "and", "the" etc. will not be searched).
  • if Go is clicked the search will be solely for a page where the title is the same as the entry. If the page is not found, you will be offered the opportunity of creating it. As spelling and namespace are integral to the page identity, you should check that a page which you create does not duplicate another of similar spelling (singular/plural, British/American etc..) or one in a particular namespace not included in your search criteria.

Using the Random page button

The random page button does what it says. The random page will only take you to articles in the main space. That means random page will never lead to a talk page, a special page, or a page with any of the following namespaces:

Fun, Rationalwiki, Conservapedia, Recipe, Image, User, Template, Debate, Portal, Category, and some others. (See Help:Namespace for more about what those terms mean)

Navigating the Contents page

The RationalWiki:Contents page lists a number of high quality articles, all arranged topic-wise for most article categories on RationalWiki for your reading pleasure.

Before editing a new page, please familiarise yourself with RW's standards and What is an RW article


  1. Assuming that you have kept the default skin. If you haven't then it's entirely your fault and you'll have to live with it.
  2. see: Help:Bored (If you've played with your preferences you mightn't see it red — agaiin this is your fault & you'll have to live with it.

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