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Before you edit it is advised, although not compulsory, to register with a username. To do this just click on "Log in / create account" and then on "create account". Just follow the instructions on the page (note that you can retain your anonymity because email address & real name are not compulsory). There is a check to eliminate automated spam programs or "bots".

Please remember your password for future "log ons" and, if you're on your private machine, check the "remember me on this computer" box. Your username can be anything but should not be offensive (racist, homophobic, pornographic etc.).

Why register?[edit]

  • A username is easier to remember than an IP address and allows more "personal" interaction between editors.
  • Edits made by IP addressed editors are more likely to be viewed with suspicion by other editors, this isn't anything personal, it just happens.
  • Also, if you're logging on from work or school (or from anywhere that other people have access to the machine or anywhere IPs are allocated by a central web server), you may be confused with (or impersonated by) another person who might sully your perfect reputation.
  • RationalWiki is occasionally monitored by other sites, especially those who oppose some of our goals, and often your IP address will be blocked from editing at those sites if it appears here.

What next?[edit]

Once you have registered you can adjust your preferences (click "My preferences"), including your displayed signature.

Privacy caution[edit]

Remember: if you don't log on, your Internet Protocol address will be shown on any edits you make. While this might not matter to you, it makes it possible for anyone to trace your approximate location or at least your ISP's location.

If you accidentally make an edit unlogged on (logged off?), i.e. using your IP address, then it is probably safest not to log on & then admit it, as this allows readers to match your username to your IP address.