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Henry Stevens is an American conspiracy theorist,[1] Holocaust denier, publisher of pseudoscience, and self-proclaimed "WWII expert".[2] He is the founder of the "German Research Project" (GRP) at Gorman, California that researches Nazi UFOs. Stevens posts on various online forums (Bonesandbehaviours, Anthroscape) as "fivepercenter".

German Research Project[edit]

The website of the GRP describes itself as an organisation that "researches and documents UFOs built by the Germans during WW2" which he claims are suppressed by the American government.[3]

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke cautions that German Research Project "indicate[s] a sympathy for the Third Reich".[4] The organisation itself is little more than a snail-mail address.

Nazi UFOs, Hitler in Antarctica, and pseudo-science[edit]

Stevens argues that mainstream historians and governments are liars who are covering up secret technologies such as flying discs invented by the Nazis. Some say he claims Hitler survived WWII in South America, before escaping to a secret underground base in Antarctica but he explicitly denies this in his book Dark Star. His books on Nazi UFOs and Hitler survival theories (all published by Adventures Unlimited Press, which prints similar books on ancient aliens and other woo) are popular among tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists.[5][6] He often writes about electro-propulsion (anti-gravity) mechanism devices for UFOs and other pseudoscience.

Holocaust denial[edit]

Online various webforums, Stevens, who posts as "fivepercenter," publishes statements of Holocaust denial:

"Let me tell you the reason you cannot ever get a list of victims totally anywhere near 6 million. It is because that figure was pulled out of thin air, whole cloth. Prior to 1960, the Hollywood Jews floated a figure of 2 million, whispered in interviews by Jews claiming to be "just a Hungarian boy," Yul Brenner, and pukes of his ilk. The 6 million figure has a history all its own. It originated in 1960 with William Shire, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Shire was a newspaper reporter stationed in Berlin during the war. He was the first to state the figure was 6 million and even had a source. The statement and source are given, as I recall, twice in the book. Shire's source, and only source, for the 6 million figure is the World Jewish Council, hardly an impartial body."[7]


Bonesandbehaviours (B&B) was a HBD forum (2013—2014) founded by two Neo-Nazi kooks from Anthroscape (another race realist forum), Clare Chesterton (as "Faintsmile1992") and Henry Stevens (as "fivepercenter"). The forum tried to present itself as a "serious anthropology discussion board". Of course this failed. In reality, it was little more than a re-branding of scientific racism in the Anthroscape-vein, with more obscene postings of a sexual nature. The short-lived forum was shut down.

Bonesandbehaviours was founded as a blog in April, 2013 and advertised at Anthroscape by Chesterton, posting as "Faintsmile1992".[8] A month after it was created as a forum and later advertised at Anthroscape in October as a "secret anthro forum, but only for serious anthro posters so as to avoid trolls etc."[9] No one seems to have been impressed. The moderator at Anthroscape (posting as "Crimson Guard") wrote in the same thread that among the few members of the B&B forum: "One is a Holocaust denier the other believes in Out of America" (the latter referring to the bizarre theory humans originated in the Americas). However, virtually none of Anthroscape members are themselves rational, most being hardcore bigots, including its moderator who is a far-right Catholic wingnut that doesn't accept evolution the way it is "commonly accepted by the academic community".[10]

After advertising unsuccessfully, a Twitter account was later set up by Chesterton to promote Bonesandbehaviours as an "anthropology forum".[11]

According to the forum rules: "A reminder that this is not a forum for race denialism or for questioning the existence of racial differences themselves, and to do so may even result in a ban."[12] Much like Anthroscape, the forum quoted very outdated "race" texts such as Carleton Coon's The Races of Europe. There was also a "personal classify" typology section.

The founder(s) of the forum were apparently unaware like Humanphenotypes that this sort of stuff about "race types" has been obsolete for many decades.


  • Hitler's Flying Saucers: A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War. (2002). Adventures Unlimited Press.
  • Hitler's Suppressed and Still-secret Weapons, Science and Technology. (2007). Adventures Unlimited Press.

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