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Jack Abramoff (1959–) is a Republican lobbyist and good friend of Tom DeLay,[1] until he was caught taking bribes from both sides in a case of two Native American tribes that were each fighting to get the other's casino shut down.[2]

In 2002, there was also a grand jury investigation into some money he received. Strangely, a day after this investigation was announced, the chief prosecutor for the case and instigator of the investigation was unexpectedly demoted by Dubya after which the whole thing fizzled out.[3]

He was also the producer of an '80s anti-commie action movie that got in serious trouble for using South African army units as extras, in direct violation of the anti-apartheid rules set up by the SAG. Pro-freedom indeed.

Now a high-powered, minimum-wage pizza man.[4]

Prison success story?[edit]

Since being released from prison, he has (ostensibly) become a campaigner against the legalized bribery that is the US's lobbying system. Old joke; a crooked politician can be bribed ten different ways, and an honest one a hundred. He has written a book detailing his crimesWikipedia and what, as an insider, he thinks should be done to fix the system, painting himself as a fallen knight seeking redemption.

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  • Northern Mariana Islands - Abramoff lobbied on behalf of them for years, and one of their governors was impeached for, among other things, his connection to Abramoff.[5]

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