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The Together Democratic Party (더불어민주당, Deobureominjudang), also known as the Minjoo Party of Korea (민주당) and the Democratic Party of Korea, is a centre to centre-left[note 1] mainstream liberal party in South Korea. It is now the ruling party. The party is interested in women's rights and social welfare policies, but is indifferent or conservative with regards to other minority issues.[note 2]

The party supports appeasement towards North Korea through the Sunshine Policy. There is a bit of left-wing nationalist inclination. but the party is somewhat friendly towards immigration.

As for the U.S., the party is less friendly than the main opposition United Future Party.[note 3] With regards to Japan, the party is negative due to historical and political reasons.[note 4]

The party is unfriendly to the union movement.

The party has a discriminatory and conservative view of the mentally disabled. The party advocates the compulsory hospitalization system for mentally ill people without trial. It also indirectly advocates rampant violence against the mentally ill.

The party legalized abortion in 2019.

The party is not sex-positive. A large portion of its members and supporters are against the legalization of pornography and the sale of certain explicitly revealing sex toys, including sex dolls.

The Women's Violence Prevention Act (여성폭력방지기본법) was enacted in 2018 to protect only biological women. This was criticized by men in their 20s and LGBT human rights organizations. Men in their 20s think the act proves that the party is gynocentric.

Recent male politicians of the Minjoo Party have been implicated in sex crime scandals. This raised accusations of the Minjoo Party, a pro-feminist party, of being hypocritical.[note 5]

The Minjoo Party signed a party cooperation protocol with the United Russia in 2018.[1]

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  1. South Korean political standards. Except for the issue of women's rights, the party is close to the right and conservatism in Western European political standards on social issues.
  2. Lee Hae-chan the party's leader, caused controversy for his discriminatory remarks against Vietnamese women and his hate speech against disabled people, But he did not lose significant support and is still the party leader. The leader of the center-left liberal party made the like neo-Nazi or Donald Trump hate speech remarks. Human rights groups are demanding his resignation. but he did not apologize properly and the incident was ended with happening.
  3. Since the inauguration of the Obama administration, the U.S. has been taking a fairly pro-Japanese diplomatic line to check China. Minjoo Party basically has a very negative tendency towards Japan's right-wing government. But on social issues, liberal Minjoo Party and progressive Justice Party is more friendly to American culture than the conservative United Future Party.
  4. Japan had colonized Korea in the past. Japan also committed various war crimes in World War II (ex. Exploitation, slaughter, sexual slavery, forced labor, etc.). Also, officials and the military, who collaborated with the Japanese Empire in the past, have colluded with the political right-wing since liberation. For this reason, liberals and leftists in South Korea, made up of former independence(the Japanese colonial period) and democracy(the military dictatorship) activists, have a negative view of Japan.
  5. Former governor of South Chungcheong Province 'Ahn Hee-jung', former mayor of Busan 'Oh Keo-don', former Seoul Mayor 'Park Won-soon', etc.