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I think Nanjing and Auschwitz are fabricated.[note 1]
—@katsuyatakasu (Katsuya Takasu)[1][2]

Katsuya Takasu (Japanese: 高須克弥, Takasu Katsuya) (1945–) is a Japanese plastic surgeon and media personality. He is a Holocaust and Nanjing massacre denier.[2]

Holocaust denial[edit]

In 2017, Katsuya tweeted a series of tweets in which he praised Nazism for the progress made in German technology under the Nazi regime. He stated that the death toll of Auschwitz and Holocaust victims was exaggerated by the Allies.[3][4]

Simon Wiesenthal Center[edit]

Katsuya's Holocaust and Nanjing Massacre denial came to the attention of Jewish human rights organization, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, in 2017.[5][6] On November 8 2017, the Simon Wiesenthal Center announced that the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery had expelled him.[7]

Auschwitz museum response[edit]

In March 2019, The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Poland responded to Katsuya's original 2015 tweet.[8] Their response was in Japanese, as was the original tweet;

Auschwitz is a historical fact that constantly advises the hearts of people around the world. The historical sites of the compulsory extermination camps, built by the Nazi Germany, symbolize the greatest tragedy in human history.[note 2]
—(translated) @AuschwitzMuseum[9]


  1. Original Japanese text; 南京もアウシュビッツも捏造だと思う。
  2. Original Japanese text;アウシュビッツは世界中の人々の心に絶えず忠告する史実です。 ナチス・ドイツによって造られたその強制・絶滅収容所の史跡は、人類史上最大の悲劇を象徴しています。