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Forumbiodiversity is a self-titled "Anthropology Biodiversity Forum". Like other human biodiversity sites, the forum's intention is to present scientific racism as acceptable anthropology. Most posters are white supremacists or other racists. The forum has been repeatedly hacked by Muslims who perceive the site as Islamophobic.


The forum was founded in late 2009 by user "EliasAlucard" who posts as a moderator. According to Elias, Forumbiodiversity "is the heir and successor of Human Biodiversity Forum (2006-2008) and AnthroForum (2008-2009). Both these forums are now defunct and no longer operational, which is why ABF launched on 2009-10-22".[1] Unlike Anthroscape where the founder tries to falsely present himself as apolitical to sound like an "objective race realist", Elias is at least open about holding far-right views, also calling himself an "eco-fascist". The site has been attacked numerous times both by Anonymous, who criticize the forum's racist posters, mostly Elias himself,[2] and by a number of Muslim hackers (specifically a "Gaza hacker"[3]) who criticize the site as hosting anti-Islamic postings.

HBD Forum rivalry[edit]

Forumbiodiversity is seen as the main HBD competitor to Anthroscape. Both forums have attack threads against each other. Elias was banned from Anthroscape after debating the administrator, "Racial Reality".[4] In response, posters at Forumbiodiversity have branded "Racial Reality" a "fake race realist", a troll etc.

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