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Ty Bollinger

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Bollinger in 2017
Against allopathy
Alternative medicine
Clinically unproven

Ty Bollinger is an American conspiracy theorist, promoter of alternative cancer therapies, a critic of evidence-based medicine[1], an anti-vaccinationist[2], germ theory denialist[3] and statin denialist.[4] He operates the TheTruthAboutCancer website.[5]

If his 2013 "Monumental Myths" book is an accurate account of his views, then Ty Bollinger is a super-conspiracy-theorist.[6][7]

Woo activism[edit]

Ty Bollinger in heaven ?, that has to be CGIWikipedia, as he's destined for the other place.

His main field of interest is cancer. His books on that subject have been recommended by quacks such as Jeff Rense,[8] Rashid Buttar,[9] and Mike Adams.[10]

His most recent (2014) production on the-big-C is a straight-to-DVD[11] movie called “the truth about cancer”[12][13], which includes such luminaries as[14][15] Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Stanislaw Burzynski, Dr Tullio Simoncini, Dr Bradford S. Weeks[16], Dr Ben(nie Stephen) Johnson[17][18], Dr Roby Mitchell[19], Dr James Forsythe, Dr Gaston Cornu-Labat[20], Dr Antonio Jimenez, Dr Jonathan V. Wright[21], Dr Josh Axe, Dr Murray Susser[22], Dr Nicholas Gonzalez[23], Dr Darrell Wolfe[24], Dr Daniel Nuzum[25], Dr Keith Scott-Mumby[26], Dr Joel D. Wallach[27], Dr Leonard Coldwell, Chris "beat cancer" Wark, and Laura "Mum's not having chemo" Bond.

Ty Bollinger has been involved in two MLM schemes where he has recruited others to sell natural health products : Moringa-magic[28][29] and BX Protocol[30][31].

Ty proclaims at every possible opportunity that he is raving Christian. He has managed to combine his love for Jeezus with his love of peddling natural health products by selling the “Magi-Complex™”. It's not Freudian thing: it's a mixture of frankincense, myrrh, & turmeric[32] (the latter is gold-colored, that's close enough). The “Magi-Complex™” cure-all is marketed by a company registered in his name called "Epigenetic Labs llc"[33].

Ty Bollinger's right-hand-man is Jonathan Hunsaker[34]: the "" website is registered in the name "Jonathan Hunsaker", as are other interestingly named websites[35], (which are not necessarily all created by the same guy). In 2017 "Epigenetic Labs" changed its name to "Organixx", their nutritional supplements are formulated by Daniel "Doc" Nuzum.[36][37]

Ty has business interests other than alternative medicine: he has a company called "Bollinger Financial",[38] which advises people where they should invest their money.[39] The "Bollinger Financial" website was parked in October 2016[40], 2017 it's gone.[41]

In October 2017 the Ty Bollinger "live"[42] medicine showWikipedia took place in God's waiting room [43], (Ty knows his market[44]). Tickets were $499 & $999: the expensive ticket got you a seat so close to the stage you can smell the snake-oilWikipedia.[45]

In May 2021, Bollinger, along with is wife Charlene Bollinger, were listed as one of the "Disinformation Dozen," a group of 12 people responsible for about 65% of COVID-19-related misinformation online, by the Center for Countering Digital Hate. [46]

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Apparently Ty Bollinger has an evil-twin who works for Big Pharma ...[edit]


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