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April 2013[edit]

13Dennis Prager strikes again with an article that basically says, "Secularists and feminists made college kids into depressed sluts. Also, the doctor with a PhD in this subject has no idea what she's talking about, unless it's on one of the occasions she's agreeing with me."
14B-but muh economies! Amidst rambles about upcoming abortion legislation in the Republic of Ireland, a right-leaning journalist has a eureka moment - of course! Lefties only care about gays and blacks because they "lost" the economy argument! And isn't it a little bit curious that the phrase is so similar to the one in the recent column by that fucker from that fucking paper?
21Rick Warren says that God and Allah are one and the same. This, of course, makes him a filthy liberal.
22Mama Schlafly calls for the return of the House Committee for UnAmerican Activies, this time going for Muslims.
36Only 13? Hint: It starts with "Both Hitler and Obama held rallies in outdoor stadiums" and goes downhill from there.
10The BBC gives oxygen to bullshit
18Reagan wasn't big gummint, the Tea Party hated Dubya, Dubya was intelligent and altruistic, his tax cuts created growth, and Keynesianism is actually market monetarism. Yes, and we're all on acid.
14But at least sweatshops are not as bad as subsistence agriculture!
15Vox Day argues that softening immigration restrictions is "electoral suicide" for the GOP: "The legality or illegality [of immigration] has never been the issue. The issue has always been what it has been since the Israelites first immigrated to Canaan; the quantity."
35Yeah, the blood, gore and trauma are fake, you fucking scumbags
22Now you too can meet the wingnut of your dreams - Alex Jones has a dating site.
33The West, Texas explosion was totally Muslim terrorism, because fertilizer bombs were used in the Oklahoma bombing, and Saddam Hussein had a role in that.
39Ann Coulter: She "ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab."
24The absurd anti-gay documentary, Criminalising Christianity, gets a second trailer, equating homosexuality with straight adultery (even though gay sex is adultery under biblical rules already, go figure). Guest spot from Peter LaBarbera, professional closet-dweller from Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, comparing gays to alcoholics. We sure got 'em good there, Pete!
16History will ultimately judge... Yeah, they've already judged.
26Atheism is a form of autism. Also, all autistic people are atheists because they don't have a section in their brain for faith.
29Donald Trump reminds everyone that Jon Stewart is Jewish.
13Scoring points with the holocaust, classy.
25Happy Eliminating All References To Him Day!
21When conspiracy theories aren't killed at birth: Saudi "person of interest" is Bin Laden's son and the Obamas are protecting him! TREASON!
8Wait a minute, so the amount of links from .edu sites determines validity. I can give arbitrary figures value too: guess what? The amount of lint balls you have determines your IQ. Get collecting!
17Shorter Glenn Beck: Saudis! Saudis! Saudis! What is Obama hiding?
13Opposing oppressive governments is the same as breaking the speed limit: wrong Bernie Ecclestone is yet another rich fuckwit
23Ok Trump, have it your way. Let him die, we'll never know if he has larger ties to terrorism, thus making American security even worse than if we were able to interrogate him. (Also, EMTALA, and this is Massachusetts, you cunt.) MORE: Behead him, like in the Middle Ages!
22Bush kept us safe for 8 years!
6Because, when there is an armed and dangerous man at large, everyone should be able to just casually walk around in the street.
28An Arkansas Republican state legislator has a dignified, tasteful message for the people of Boston. Update: And now he's sorry (that he got called out on it).
5The Sun (not the Daily Mail, the tweet is wrong), in its rabid attempts to show the evil old witch was loved, try to pass off a picture of last year's jubilee as a picture of her funeral
8Ann Coulter has weighed and measured Marco Rubio, and has found him unworthy. Summon the RINO hunters! Purge the Heretic!
23Eight years after the fact, Uncommon Descent defends Michael Behe's lacklustre performance at Kitzmiller v. Dover. Apparently, ID is only "based upon complexity appearing at the outset of life when life first arose, and the complexity that appears during the Cambrian Explosion." Shifting the goalposts much?
9Argumentum ad cellarium has just entered the mainstream.
18WND's Erik 'The Other' Rush has a typical right-wing, knee jerk reaction: Kill all Muslims.
21 Somebody doctored footage from Family Guy following the Boston Marathon bombing, thereby proving to some commenters that the bombing was carried out by the government. UPDATE: The author of the post has challenged his critics to open debate.
11Bomb dogs were carrying out an exercise at the Boston Marathon start and finish lines, thereby proving to some commenters that the bombing was carried out by the government.
25I retract my earlier suggestion that Alex Jones go fuck himself. He needs to go fuck a running lawnmower.
21Boston Marathon bombing: Fox News and New York Post claims a 20 year-old Saudi man was detained completely contrary to reality.
26Not two hours after the Boston Marathon bombings, the nutcases are coming out to blame Saudis and Muslims and also falsely claiming that Wolf Blitzer was blaming the Tea Party. And Alex Jones can just go fuck himself. And the WBC predictably blames teh gayz.
5Daily Mail imagines a world without Thatcher.
16Who selects your op-eds, NYT?
20The Right are horrified that the man who "stole Obama's teleprompter" received 7 years in Federal prison, neglecting to mention he stole the truck it was in, along with several others.
21"If Babies Had Guns They Wouldn't Be Aborted"
16According to the wizards at Breitbart.com, the liberal media is ignoring the Kermit Gosnell horror story. Even The Atlantic wants to know why this story isn't making headline news. The reality, however, is that conservatives have simply been ignoring the coverage until now.
18 Christopher Monckton doesn't think chemtrails exist - a stopped clock moment for him, while chemmies have their own with their comments about his credibility!
17Equality and Human Rights Commission: vegetarian kitchen workers should not be forced to handle meat. Daily Mail: "What an insult to Christians!"
22Worth a read just to see a man who is famous for his anti-gay rants, thinks prostitutes aren't actually human beings, downplayed the Rwandan genocide because the victims were black, thinks the gypsies should be hated and shot at, and recently drove a woman to her death through harassing her in a newspaper, type the words "I've always considered myself a liberal in the truest sense of the word." (Warning: Daily Mail.)
16Cristina Odone: The Human Rights lobby completely fails to understand that my imaginary friend is vastly superior to yours. (For the juxtaposition, here is the post where Odone laments that a Christian can't wear a cross to work.)
35A Moral Argument Against Darwinism, wherein Christian apologist Douglas Groothius apparently proves that Darwinism is false because racism is bad.
28PETA draws moral equivalency between being a meat-eater and being a rapist. Way to win people over!
15WND: A North Korean EMP attack could destroy America!
47How to grievously insult Ray Comfort: call him a "bibliophile". (At least he did apologise.)
20Christians crying and screaming again about how being asked to treat gays with some semblance of respect is "criminalising Christianity". Note that almost everything about the film is still "TBA".
9A mildly disturbing campaign video from Oliver Healey of the English Democrats. The best bit comes at 4:00 in.