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May 2013[edit]

19Ken Ham, accused of indoctrination? Oh shocker...
21Rodeo clown, mimicking Frankenstein: Obama carried out a false flag operation and is the source behind the film Innocence of Muslims.
26Andy's mommy: "the people the Republicans should reach out to are the white votes". UPDATE: The Center for Immigration Studies seconds her proposal.
23The inevitable conspiracy theories about the Woolwich terror attack surface. (Check the end of the article, it's the last guy you'd expect who's debunking it)
37Alex Jones claims the Moore tornado was a government distraction, thanks to their "weather weapons."
27More words of wisdom from Stephen Lennon: if Salman Rushdie had worn a balaclava while writing The Satanic Verses, he'd be alive.
19A 20-year rainfall in Ireland proves that the Great Flood really happened. Please don't think about unimportant facts like where rain comes from and returns to, or that there isn't enough water on the planet for a global flood, because we're right, and we have experts to prove it!
19Ken Ham is going to release that dumb dinosaur quiz as a PDF for all to see
19True to form, Fred Phelps and Pat Robertson both have theories on why the Oklahoma tornado happened.
20With about 175,000 hits so far, this isn't new. (And if it's a repost, sorry for that.) Bible.org tells women "what every wife needs to know." (No, it's not a Poe.)
17Handy tips on how to communicate when martial law comes.
28According to Alan Keyes, the IRS scandal is a ploy by Obama to "shield Obama’s secret collaboration with terrorists to create chaos and introduce a tyrannical government to destroy America."
29Alice Walker of The Color Purple fame discusses "Reptilian space beings whose hybrid (part human, part reptile) descendants make our lives hell". When did she go off the deep end?
27"On behalf of all of those people, I'm supporting our troops by saying we need to try, convict, and shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina." (Yeah, this is the sorry state of conservative talk radio.)
6Is there a contest among researchers to publish the craziest "physical/personality trait A implies societal attitude B" correlation? Researchers at two universities in California and Denmark announce the results of a study indicating that as a man's bicep size increases, his support for social welfare programs usually decreases.
27Bradlee Dean reacts to Minnesota's new same-sex marriage and LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying laws. I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning.
28Because this explains every question we had about vaccines.[1]
13Random guy on Godlike Productions: "Illuminati Card "BACKLASH" Being Played Now"! Apparently the idea of naming a card after a real-life concept is alien to GLPers, as well as the idea of not linking a site that debunks your claim in the first post (either that, or our article sucks.)
16And the Reverend Pat sayeth that the use of security cameras is a mark of The Beast. Thus, they are tools of the Antichrist and a sign of the End Times. It's also a song by Swedish metal band Meshuggah.
18Well known political analyst Mike Adams, claims there'll be a false-flag operation within the next week, to distract attention away from the Benghazi cover-up.
27NOM has gone completely senile, thinks it's somehow back in the 50s.
41Bryan Fischer: Gays can't have children so they don't care about economic issues, hence they will cause the collapse of the western economy.
17Cato: South Korea is an American welfare queen! For a think tank that is so viruently against Communist influence...

19How Not to Debate a Creationist. CMI congratulates itself on misinterpreting an article by Michael Shermer.
13The five wackiest things heard at the NRA Convention.
12Faith2Action is on a roll now, this time comparing gays to smokers and trying to make a statement about gays as teachers. Notable because of the amount of young children used in making the ad rather than just being a shit analogy again. UPDATE: Wiped from YouTube.
-5Making female video game characters with absurdly proportioned bodies and little-to-no clothing isn't inherently sexist because...erm...sexuality!
45Ray Comfort is still riding the stupid train.
20CEO of the "Concerned Women for America": The Age of Enlightenment created the Holocaust!
16Ted Nugent speaks about military suicides. (Guess who he blames?)