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June 2013[edit]

12The Boston Marathon conspiracies haven't dried up yet (Video). UPDATE: in a follow-up video, the creator mentions an upsurge in dislikes and says that his detractors are "probably Jews".
19The things you can learn on YouTube: the Moon is actually "only 400 km big" and orbits the Earth for 6 hours.
17This gem from 2008 is making rounds around the Internet again, but it's just as cringe-worthy as ever: Watch Fox News take on that "evil man", Mr. Rogers.
23Remember, it's only "mob rule" and improper when it's something you didn't want.
37I can see a rational debate concerning differing viewpoints, but smear campaigns based only on your idiotic observations about dating habits?
14Orly Taitz is targeting these people. They should wear it like a badge of honor.
55Female Texan GOP State Representative: Rape doesn't cause pregnancy because In the emergency room, they have what's called rape kits, where a woman can get cleaned out.
15Some people get off on spanking. Now there's a Christian (who else?) group encouraging men to spank their wives not for a little S & M fun, but to keep them god-fearing, dutiful wives when they do something naughty. No, really!(Warning: Poe's Law in action!) And now for something completely different on a related topic, the (intentionally) funny Palin visits the Castle Anthrax.
12Never before have I seen [1] so clumsy an attempt to couch race-baiting in the language of "diversity."
22The reason why young people are becoming atheists leaving Christianity? Modern churches are too lukewarm. (With a side dish of quote mining atheist celebrities.)
23England insults Turkey, because they symbolically eat Ottoman men at Christmas.
18According to EW Jackson, using the anti-gay statements he made as a minister against him as a politician is religious persecution.
-5Evolution News & Views: "Darwin's Doubt is currently the #1 bestseller at Barnes & Noble.com! It's just ahead of Dan Brown's latest blockbuster, Inferno."
11mmm..... bacon.
23Nick Griffin: Colossal pervert...
41VIDEO: Sean Hannity during the Bush Administration when a similar NSA snooping scandal hit the headlines: "It makes us safe. You Dems are just soft on defense." Today, of course, it's Big Brother (The Brother), and all Americans have the right to privacy.
22Father of the defendant in the Trayvon Martin case releases an e-book on the day the trial starts, says the real racists are... wait for it... black people.
29Welfare is umbilical‘Unbiblical’
31Glenn Beck falls silent, because his vocal chords (sic) are paralyzed.
30Kevin Swanson: Star Trek promotes bestiality, because Kirk sleeps with aliens.
20Why did Chief Justice Roberts vote for Obamacare? Because he was being blackmailed.
10Islam...is not compatible with pluralistic, liberal, open-minded societies, says the Prime Minster who gratuitously funded Islamic schools with public money.
16"In the end, the slippery slope, all or nothing, arguments advanced by extreme civil libertarians bear an uncomfortable resemblance to the slippery slope, all or nothing, arguments advanced by the National Rifle Association."
21It's Monday. Time for Pat Robertson to kick off the new week with yet another inane claim. This time he dredges up one of his favorite standbys: How the demonic influence of role-playing games supposedly causes kids to off themselves.
49Alex Jones embarrasses himself on the BBC
18This is still a thing? The National Report claims that Obama's birth certificate (which was "downloaded from the White House website") is a forgery created in Adobe Illustrator. In a strange twist, shortly after publishing this, they get "raided by the FBI." (Warning: Poe's Law in action!) The "Mr Conservative" site was also caught out, but ""We’re not withdrawing this story from publication because the fact that it is false but still believable, is in and of itself, newsworthy."
16Ever heard of the world's most offensive Jewish car? It seems that the messages are changed on a regular basis. The owner explains his reasoning.
7"Activist groups and media organizations seek more narrowly tailored gathering of records, and full transparency after the fact about what kinds of records have been obtained. There are obvious problems with this approach." Yes, you mean problems that aren't experienced by the majority of nations in the West?
22Yoga leads to Satanic possession, but don't worry - good Christians can do Praisemoves instead!
40American Atheists: Fine, keep the Ten Commandments statue. We'll put up our own monument with 10 things on it. Ken Ham: COME AND SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN THE SYSTEM!! HELP! HELP! I'M BEING REPRESSED!!
12The Daily Fail gives us all a timely warning that poor people are going to kill us all
17Faux News wonder if Obama is waging psychological warfare on Americans? (And fall foul of Betteridge's law of headlines.)
11According to a GOP Senator, sexual assault in the military is the fault of “the hormone level created by nature” in young enlisted men.
11And the Lord spake and sayeth unto the GOP, "Verily, the Speakership of The Orange Man is a blessed thing that must be perpetuated." At least that's what the Huffington Post claims that They are saying.
15Because Starbucks support gay marriage, real Christians shouldn't drink their coffee.
20Want to fight the scourge of chemtrails? There's an app for that!
11Christopher Stevens, writing in the Daily Fail, masterfully steps around the pitfall of saying 'women just aren't good enough to play Doctor Who'... no wait, that should say steps into, or perhaps falls into and keeps digging.
14Casey Luskin calls the "Mars rat" a "false positive for a design inference." Say, maybe all of intelligent design is a false positive...