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July 2013[edit]

25Everyone's favourite transphobic radical feminist, Cathy Brennan, has a new manifesto.
22Fox News claims that Anthony Weiner's wife Huma Abedin has links to the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda on the basis of a Congressional exposé from the always reasonable and sane Michele Bachmann.
31Step aside, Glenn Beck! This is how you do it: a Unified Conspiracy Theory in chart form.
14The Economist is still masturbating about Romney.
42Jobs! Jobs! SCIENCE JOBS! Are you a trained scientist and looking for work in a hot HOT research environment? Join an exciting research team doing exciting, groundbreaking work in the fields of biology, geology and astronomy. Sign up for a job today! (Note: we really, REALLY need staff, and though our requirements are stiff, we are having difficulty recruiting people! So SIGN UP NOW FOR A JOB, SCIENTIST!!!!)
25Andrew Klavan: I'm not racist, Obama is a racist!
27Boy? Girl? No, lizard, according to You-know-who.
23The persecution complex is strong with this one.
28How did he do that trick where he levitated by a bus? Prosthetic arm? Camera tricks? Smoke and mirrors? Nah: he sold his soul to demons.
10First it was Greece-baiting, now every city is going to turn into Detroit!
16Peter LaBarbera: "I'm praying that "gay" bad boy Dan Savage repents + accepts Christ as Savior." Good luck with that...
27Bryan Fischer: U.S. Army Being Overrun With Super Gay Super Soldiers
12Anglican Mainstream, the blog of choice for Anglicans who aren't big fans of gay people or women bishops, bemoaned the passage of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill by quoting Martin Niemoller's poem. Quickly realising that comparing the position of Christians who disagree with same-sex marriage with victims of the Holocaust is exceptionally tacky—especially when gay people were one of the groups who were sent to the concentration camps and killed by the Nazis—they've tacked on a notpology, which arguably makes it much worse.
17Some African supremacist nutjob: "The Clitoris was not always a part of female anatomy", therefore, female genital mutilation is justified. (*barf*)
4Suzanne Venker on Faux Noise: men are the most oppressed people on Earth.
9 Rush Limbaugh is ecstatic to learn that he has found an excuse to freely use a variant of the N-word on-air. But don't worry, he's totally not racist!
12 The stupid...it hurts! And even when there is actually something strange noticed about the Asiana 214 crash the inability of the gullible to understand and deliberate efforts to "thumb down" the explanations in comments will lower your IQ.
2An editorial in The Guardian fingers the fundie-riddled East London Mosque as "the living and growing answer to those... who vilify mosques as the home of fundamentalists", thus lending more credence to the hypothesis that the Comment is Free section serves only to collect outraged pageviews.
23So, who "suffer(s) from psychosis in much the same way that a serial killer does"? Why, it's certainly not those for whom "(t)he presence of God is surprisingly easy to ‘sense’ and thus prove." The writer seems to have confused "psychosis" -- a psychological episode wherein a person suffers a break with reality -- with "psychopathy." He should also check up on the meaning of "cognitive dissonance" while he's at it.
33How do you tell if someone is a real scientist?
19Televangelist Pat Robertson now considers himself an innovator, suggesting that social networking websites such as facebook should include a 'vomit' button alongside 'like' for that thing he is so icked out by.
34Being the best at your game isn't enough. If you happen to be a woman without beauty pageant looks, the Twitterverse thinks you're just a fat ugly greasy sweaty dyke slut . . . with a penis . . . who eats tennis balls . . . or something.
27Is this the best argument the arch-conservative Spectator magazine can come up with against equal marriage? If two consenting adults of the same gender can get married, why not allow human-on-dog marriage? Charles Moore seems unaware that Rick Santorum already made that argument years ago.
17Self-proclaimed atheist who rejects the concept of a "CEO god" writes a book called The Science Delusion that insinuates that The God Delusion was seriously flawed and that Christopher Hitchens was a liar who lacked decency. When other atheists accuse him of the same thing, he claims that he was trying to write a satire in the style of Jonathan Swift. (How odd. This sounds like something S. E. Cupp might do.)
27A Beer company named after the one of the instigators of the Boston Tea Party makes a patriotic-themed commercial that mentions life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, "we bow to no kings," etc. But because it doesn't mention god, the second-stringers at Fox and Friends decide to use their three hours in the sun to try to out-stupid the A team.
10Bobo: "Oh, it's good that the Islamists are gone..." *ponders final line* "...Egyptians don't have the mental capacity to want secular democracy."
14Doctor, doctor! Kent Hovind has submitted (warning: 98Mb PDF) a second PhD thesis.
14What's the best response to a study co-relating lower interest in politics for women with limited female representation in the political sphere? Oh, how about a dumb partisan attack during my election campaign.
15And now, some Butt-hurt about Wendy Davis. He even uses the term "Pro-Abort".
20Sorcha Faal's bullshit is making the rounds on the wingnut pages again: Obama is requesting 15,000 Russian troops trained in disaster relief and riot control for "upcoming disaster". Reality: The U.S. and Russia are in talks to handle space disasters in the wake of the Chelyabinsk meteor crash.
23Two Colorado pastors have analyzed this week's western heat wave and rash of wildfires and are sure they know who to blame. Yep, it's the gays. UPDATE: The same pair also have another group of likely culprits in their sights: Women who wear pantsuits and hats.