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Margaret Wente

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Parroting squawkbox
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And a dirty dozen more
Shorter Margaret Wente: I'm sorry, but if you would all stop pointing out my ethical lapses this would never have happened so piss off.
—Emmett Macfarlane[1]
I keep telling people: she must have some very comprimising pictures of Globe publishers to stay in print. She has dirt.
—Russell Bart

Margaret Wente is a Canadian award-winning columnist for The Globe and Mail serial global warming denialist,[2][3][4] torture advocate,[5] MRA apologist,[6][7] xenophobe,[8] and if you didn't notice already, all-round crank proll.[9][10][11] All while holding, in a completely original manner, just an English degree.[12]

If combating the horrors of liberalism is her goal, Sun Tzu's The Art of War wasn't on her reading list.[13] While her views would be perfectly suitable for, say, the Daily Mail, and she has often been compared to Ann Coulter, Wente's attempts to sound intellectual separates herself from the more blunt, Poe-like outrageousness of the latter. "Canada's Melanie Phillips" could be more appropriate.

Plagiarism is good[edit]

In September 2012, Peggy was found to be stealing other writers' work for years, creating an internal crisis at The Globe and Mail on whether to fire her or not as she launched ad hominem attacks on bloggers for making her "a target for people who don’t like what I write."[14][15]

The CBC immediately sacked Wente from her position as a radio panelist,[16] but The Globe took the time to enact unknown "disciplinary action." Decency be gone, she's still writing like the event never happened, and it makes you wonder why Canuckistan's "newspaper of record" is making a mockery of itself instead of easily hiring a more level-headed conservative columnist.[17]

Short breaches of sanity[edit]

As even more proof that stopped clock is an epidemic, Wente is an opponent of vaccine denialism.[18] But do note the irony of her criticizing people for scouring the Internet for a "bottomless cornucopia of junk science and scare stories."

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