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February 2012[edit]

9Your daily WTF: GOP House candidate is a Holocaust denier.
13One Million Moms don't care for happy and gay marriages on the covers of Archie comic books in Toys R Us.
19Goodbye Jamie! One more left to go.
20It appears Kim No. 3 might actually care about his people.
13Even in the midst of scandal, Canuckistanis take in the lulz.
18How to be deemed a "strident" atheist: exist. This advertisement was rejected as "offensive".
9The Paulbots are rejoicing right now: Iran likes goooooooold.
15Study shows that greedy, pushy people have more stuff.
10Unsurprisingly, Mitt wins Michigan. Slightly more surprisingly, he wins Arizona too, and by a wider margin.
15JFK makes Santorum cry from beyond the grave.
8Dear Arizona, is there any minority you don't hate? Now you are going after poor college kids?!?!
5States, Georgia especially, get serious in confronting sovereign citizen movement.
12a) Why you don't have incest, and b) Why climate change is srs bsns.
-3This may or may not have been linked before. But so what? It is important.
14Don't upload birdsong to YouTube!
18Somebody needs to explain to Romney how debates work: "You ask the questions you want; I give the answers I want."
-11Academy Awards 2012: The Artist gets Best Picture and four others, Hugo also wins five. Best Documentary goes to Undefeated, but not that Undefeated.
19When your pastor is convicted of lewd conduct with teenagers and banned from unsupervised contact with children, what's the solution? Ban kids from the church.
16The vote-suppression scandal continues to widen as Opposition parties charge that Stephen Harper is the Canadian-version of Richard Nixon.
23Santorum thinks it was wrong to apologize for Koran burnings, because it was not intentional. So if anyone ever accidentally hits the Senator with their car, remember that apologizing would be completely improper.
19Shorter Santorum: The Constitution makes me want to throw up.
19Even Republicans are aghast at the Clown Car of Candidates.
8Looks like Google are forgetting their "Don't be evil" motto.
8I told you, I am not Xena!.
9My head just exploded. A group of lesbians attacked a gay man. It can't be a hate crime 'cause the gals are into Sapphic love... I just don't know what to think anymore...
4Two die in fire at Brazil's Antarctic research station.
10Silvio Berlusconi evades justice yet again.
7A Pennsylvania Muslim has been acquitted after assaulting a man dressed as an undead Mohammed for Halloween. According to the judge, it was Sweet Zombie Mohammed's own fault for "looking like a doofus".
18Wyoming sets up a committee to prepare for the collapse of America. Options include an alternative currency, independent military draft and, for the mountainous, landlocked state... an aircraft carrier?
9Safe to say, we've fucked this one up.
21Former Archbishop: You can't have gay marriage, because the government doesn't "own" marriage. Minister: You're right, it's "owned" by the people, and they seem in favour of gay marriage.
8Mitt, it's one thing to hire a stadium for your speech, it's another thing to actually fill it.
10Shit's going down now: Mass electoral fraud being investigated against Stephen Harper in the 2011 election.
12On Saturday, Anne Frank may have been baptised Mormon-by-proxy.
27Lawsuit: Obama can't be President because he's a mulatto. (At least they've stopped pretending it's not about race.)
15Maryland becomes the latest US State to have the religious wingnuts frothing at the CENSORED
5A Russian prosecutor office wants to classify a "translation with commentary" of the Bhagavad Gita as extremist literature. The list of the alleged problems with it sounds somewhat familiar...
20The Clown Car of Candidates lie their asses off during the most recent debate.
13File under "N" for "No shit, Sherlock": Goldline is a scam.
16Marie Colvin killed in Syria.
9Men aren't disappearing.
23Sorry, no faster-than-light neutrinos for you!
7Think Progress's parent organization, CAPAF, fires back at the Heartland Institute's legal threats.
21Westboro Baptist Church threatens to picket Whitney Houstons funeral. Chickens out, and photoshops themselves into pictures from said funeral, claiming success.
24Indiana resolution celebrating 100 years of the Girl Scouts opposed by Republican State Representative: "abundant evidence proves that the agenda of Planned Parenthood includes sexualizing young girls through the Girl Scouts, which is quickly becoming a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood".
7Returning veterans and those on National Guard deployments have a hard time getting work when they come home. Who's the worst offender? Their former boss.
13Houston, we've got waterworlds.
16Andrew Schlafly's head might explode: An atheist blogger manages to defy the assertion that atheists are not charitable and raises $40K for a public school junior for upholding the U.S. Constitution and fighting to have a public prayer display removed from her school.
9Now where for Moore's law?
12According to a collective of Blue Planet prizewinning scientists, "Civilisation faces 'perfect storm of ecological and social problems'."
11Peter Gleick admits to using a false name and not confirming sources in the Heartland Institute controversy,. Way to go Heartland! Update: Gleick withdraws from the board of directors of the NCSE over the matter. Unfortunately for you, the science confirming climate change remains unchanged.
7Opposite Week drags on even further as Pat Robertson starts spouting rational nonsense.
12 Frothy's stupidity levels have finally reached Caribou Barbie's. Congratulations, you just won a free trip to Alaska!
10Let's see the creationists explain this.
8The hamburger of the future, today! (Well, by autumn, anyway)
9Citigroup admits to misleading HUD on mortgages, settles a multi-million dollar lawsuit.
22The Heartland Institute vaguely threatens desmog blog for releasing their own documents that they haven't confirmed if they are authentic or not. Also threatened: Brad Johnson from 'ThinkProgress'; Arianna Huffington from The Huffington Post; John H. Harris from Politico; Greg Laden, a blogger at ScienceBlogs; 350 or Bust; and Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs. And a 71-year-old veteran writing in a local newspaper. Popcorn anyone?
5The day of reckoning for Greece... and pretty much the world economy. Fun.
7NASA is looking for around 160 missing moon rocks. They're alien spiders, I tell ya!
24Rick Santorum, being on something of a roll today, attacks President Obama for not having policies that are based on the bible. Um, Ricky, you are aware of something called the separation of church and state aren't you? Hello? Ricky? Update: He's getting more insane every minute.
18The Heartland Institute pulls a Scientology, threatening to sue people discussing the Denialgate documents. Let us know how that works out for you.
16 Halp halp, Satan is taking over America! Or that's what Rick Santorum says in a reeeeally creepy speech... [1]
7...and Opposite Day continues as Labour MP Ed Balls starts advocating supply-side economics.
25The clown car of candidates skids round another bend, as Romney calls Santorum "too liberal."
10The GOP closet gets a little bigger as Mitt Romney's Arizona campaign co-chair hits the right-wing hypocrisy daily double.
6ESPN stick their foot in it, the night God forsakes Jeremy Lin. This is not the first time the station has taken it too far.
6The WHO still can't decide whether or not to release the bird flu "death-weapon" data.
-1Chris "Mr. Creosote" Christie vetoes same-sex marriage in New Jersey.
14In an attempt to curb terrorism, the FBI arrest a terrorist that they basically recruited, trained and armed themselves.
20The Climategate guys: How does it feel, Heartland?
11Meet the woman who wants to be President of Afghanistan.
15O Canada, our home and nativ-OH DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT THING?
19Obama: "I want to reduce the amount of US nukes to around 300." Conservatives: "300 warheads is nowhere near enough! It won't last us the nuclear winter!"
20Republican-led House committee holds a hearing on insurance coverage of contraceptives. Invited to testify by committee chair Darrell Issa -- five men (mostly clergy) and two token women, both from right-wing Christian colleges. Other women were available to testify, but were deemed by Issa to be not "appropriate and qualified."
9VIDEO: The frothy mix's main financial backer tells Andrea Mitchell how "gals" used Bayer aspirin as birth control back when he was a kid.
12Liberia introduces a bill that could make homosexuality punishable by death.
15New Jersey legalises gay marriage. Christie vetoed.
22Disabled? Too ill to work? No, too ill to get paid to work.
14Canadian citizens are apparently no longer qualified to know how the Harper Regime is spending their tax dollars...or even what services are being cut. Update: Oh for Christ's sake.
20New from the University of Obviousness: LGBT youth who experience victimization and harassment from family and peers are more likely to be suicidal.
17“Vic 'You're with the Child Pornographers' Toews wants to know about you. Let's get to know about Vic..."
20Fuck it, this is not going to clogs - Frothy Mix's new attack ad. The best quote: "Mitt Romney's ugly attacks are going to backfire."
19Uganda's Minister of Ethics and Integrity orders gay rights meeting to close. "You cannot allow terrorists to organise to destroy your country," he says.
10Largest American Bitcoin exchange shuts down, citing "regulation" and shortage of funds.
34You want a new Climategate? How about the leaked strategy documents from the Heartland Institute detailing the concerted attack on science and reality? And, of course, spot the donor. And the beneficiary.
7The Wikileaks Cablegate Top 100.
8A Religious freedom advocate? We certainly can't have that in China.
7American Humanist Association (red link? really?) argues in court that the United States Pledge of Allegiance violates the Massachusetts Constitution.
9Some stories write their own WIGO.
12An Ipsos-Mori poll (sponsored by the Richard Dawkins foundation, mind) reveals that most people who put themselves down as "Christian" in the UK in fact don't go to Church, don't read the Bible, and know pretty much sod all about it (though Reverend Giles Fraser says they still count). Update: the full skinny from the RDF.
7Newt to Taitz: "STFU!"
13Google's Valentine's Day doodle dabbles in some politics. "It's against my religion for cookies and milk to marry. Please remove this offensive video."
5An Ontario Superior Court judge tells Stephen Harper to go shove it.
11Newscorp throw their sources under the bus.
25You are with us, or the child pornographers.
16Because it's the secularists who are engaging in suicide bombing and molestation cover-ups...
18Rick Santorum vows to overturn any Supreme Court ruling that would legalize gay marriage, as well as Roe v. Wade...apparently by using executive powers that don't exist.
9Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have all pledged to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment help create jobs reduce the size and strength of the federal government enforce obscenity laws that restrict the distribution of pornography.
17Seven down, 43 to go.
1Who wants to learn about the physics of ponytails?
13Any chance this could pass...at all?
11Alabama denies food stamps to U.S. citizens... who just happen to have illegal immigrant parents.
4Someone's a little power-mad. Don't think the male RationalWikians would care though *wink* *wink*
20It's not rape, this is what God's love feels like.
5Them good ol' boys down in Tennessee take Facebook de-friendings way too seriously.
0RIP, Whitney Houston.
4Buffy the Vampire Foetus Slayer
7Now's your chance. Run.
10The end of Page 3 as we know it?
13Remember kids, 12345 is a baaaad password.
11In Mother Russia, the hatemongering is strong...
16Now we'll see just how anti contraception the GOP really are.
14First ever Afghanistani animated cartoon is very cute. "The song encourages children, teenagers and even adults who want a caged bird at home to let them be free, 'cause birds want to be free to fly. Also, other animals have rights too."
9Mitt Romney appears to have hired one of our "good friends" to write jumping-the-gun speeches for him.
10Piltdown Man receives some birthday cheer.
10Rumours of Kim Jong-un's assassination spread via Weibo & Twitter.
8If there's any RationalWikians living in Greece, we suggest you leave. Now.
6The latest attempt to make soccer appeal to Americans: Ultimate Tazer Ball.
8You have been reported to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Cease your unlawful actions at once, snail!
22 If a pregnant woman in Georgia miscarries she could be lethally injected or otherwise subject to the death penalty. [2]
17You have to see this: The Republican that ensured gay marriage passed in Washington state.
2Listen to Buck, use your nukes.
3Anyone remember The Secret World of Alex Mack? The British Board of Film Classification has rated the DVD release as a "15" - putting it on par with Paranormal Activity 3 and Insidious, and a few steps above Jurassic Park and Terminator 3. Yes, really.
10Judge whales into PETA.
-33Another reason to hate the French.
8CEO of the RIAA: Home taping Silicon Valley propaganda about SOPA is killing music (and it should be illegal).
28Washington state legalizes gay marriage. Meanwhile, a bit further south, certain residents of California are having none of it and are going straight to the Supreme Court to throw a hissy fit.
0Arizona judges keep candidate off ballot, on the grounds that a person who cannot speak English is unqualified for government even in a Spanish-speaking community.
16Online piracy acts? How about a decentralised, purely P2P BitTorrent client, free from external websites and servers, that literally cannot be shut down without destroying the entire internet.
12Life... 100 million years older than we originally thought.
13Now they wanna outlaw masturbation...! Wankers!
12Maths: C+; English: B; Oh, yes, being gay is a choice...
16This is going to be one great Presidential election. We also expect an increase in shower usage for 2012.
9I for one, welcome our new ant overlords.
5A hot new way to modify terabytes of information... per second.
5Two Godwins in two days for the Harper government. This comes after...well, read for yourself.
28Prop 8 declared unconstitutional again, this time by a three-judge panel of the federal Ninth Circuit. The Supreme Court case looks inevitable.
11The US Constitution's influence is dying off, being replaced by the European Convention on Human Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Antonin Scalia is particularly miffed. Those evil empires!
17Oh no you don't, bastard.
29A US Congressman thought The Onion was a real news source.
12Prove that you're psychic and win $1 million, or sue your critics for a mere £150,000... we now know what Psychic Sally prefers.
16Russian scientists have drilled through the 3,768 metres to Lake Vostok.
17Given the cost of Super Bowl advertising, Pete Hoekstra (Republican - of course) really wants his constituents to know he's a racist prick.
1Hypothetical results are in from the not so hypothetical horse race.
1"I've been really tryin', baby, tryin' to hold back this feeling for so long. And if you feel like I feel, baby, then, c'mon, oh, c'mon. Let's get it on."
13When the Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood flap began, did you wonder who would be the first to cite so-called evidence linking abortion to breast cancer as a good reason for Komen to defund PP? Well, if you did, we now have a frothy winner!
1Let's do some Godwinning, shall we?
13Apparently, there is honest rape, and dishonest rape..., oh, and rape "almost never happens, but just imagine it could. (cough1in4womenassaultedcough).
16Newt's charm just grows and grows.
11Kansas lawmakers want to declare Toto the state dog. PETA is not happy.
20Fidel Castro's newly released memoirs inexplicably fail to mention how he dropped dead in 2009.
14College kid does his homework, finds previously unheard Malcolm X speech, introduced by Richard Holbrooke
4And once again the UN shows the world how well it works when standing up to brutality.
30Obama is officially a natural-born citizen.
7Hentai tentacle porn!! For a good cause.
21A cardboard cutout of Ayatollah Khomeini inspects Iranian military. ...wait, what?
7"FBI Incident" takes on a whole new meaning. Update: Speaking of Anonymous, Operation Blitzkrieg has just tagged Ron Paul with another white supremacy group.
14Komen for the Cure change their mind: "We want to apologize to the American public for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women's lives." Or do they?
35Anoka, Minnesota has launched a fundie-led war on gay teens, resulting in nine suicides in two years and a civil-rights lawsuit has been filed against the school district.
-7Hey! Monsanto! We don't need your GM foods at all.
12Some Susan G. Komen Foundation officials have resigned in protest of the pulled funding from Planned Parenthood.
18JC Penney gives One Million Bigots Moms the finger.
6In today's 'Not Very Surprising' News, a new study says that "people who score low on I.Q. tests in childhood are more likely to develop prejudiced beliefs and socially conservative politics in adulthood."
13 Time to get a bigger barbecue.
13You know something's wrong in the US when sugar taxes are being seriously proposed.
16Frothy doesn't want to hear complaints about expensive drugs.
12"Yo mama" jokes may date back to ancient Babylon.
10Oh, well. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
2Newt calls the Waaaambulance.
30Washington State Senate passes gay marriage bill.
14Ready for one the most important moments in human history? They have until Monday before temperatures plummet to up to -80°C.
-14Lionel who?
15Never get involved in a land war in Asia.
14 Well surprise, bloody surprise.