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Yee hah!

Wyoming is roughly number seven in our series of rectangular states in the U.S. of A. It is the least populous state with only 584,153 people. That's only about 6.9% the population of New York City, 1.5% the population of California, and 0.2% of the whole United States. Wyoming is one of seven states that have an at-large congressperson (so three electoral college votes).

Wyoming has picked up a bad reputation for being the "home state" of Dick Cheney. This is unfair because he just owns a house there, and it's almost in Idaho anyway. While Cheney grew up in both Wyoming and Nebraska he was living in Texas at the time of the 2000 election, but had to pretend to move somewhere else in order to run as George W. Bush's vice president.

It is a particularly conservative state and hasn't been won by a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964.[1] Not coincidentally, Wyoming is the nation's largest coal producer.

Wyoming awesomeness[edit]

Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming. Yellowstone is Satan's territory, where the boundaries between Earth and Hell are at their weakest. Geysers, hot springs, fountains, bubbling cauldrons, sulfur pits, baby grizzlies, and other demonic manifestations straight from the pit of Hell can be found there. Good, decent Christians are advised to stay away from Yellowstone National Park, because it is the domain of the devil. In particular, fundies are advised to stop passing out idiotic YEC literature to park visitors claiming the park's thermal features were created in 3000 B.C. by Jesus.

Yellowstone is also the world's largest active volcano caldera, and it's going to blow and kill us all someday. Possibly. The Discovery Channel even made a movie about it.[2]

Wyoming is sometimes synonymous with ignorance, because as it is home to the worst[citation NOT needed] vice president (Dick Cheney) and the worst[citation needed] congressmoron (Barbara Cubin) in the 6000-year history of the universe. Yes, worse than Michele Bachmann, which is no mean accomplishment for anyone who isn't the love child of Cthulhu and Satan. However, most Wyoming residents are well mannered, and some are even progressives! Wyoming has one of the highest per capita incomes in the US, and is the third least religious state.

Infamous Wyomingans[edit]

  • Dick Cheney, Satan's strongest minion on earth, is from Casper, Wyoming.
  • Gerry Spence, notorious liberal attorney. Here is a lawyer so cool he shows up in court dressed in buckskins. Seriously, do not fuck with this guy. He has never lost a criminal case, and the last time he lost a civil case was 1969.

Other Wyoming awesomeness[edit]

  • Wyoming has a lot of cows. Lots and lots of cows.
  • Devil's Tower, which is featured on their license plate but not their quarter. It is a beaut of a butte. One moron has made an ass out of his fly on blogs by claiming it was "obviously" formed during a (fictional) global flood. The tower is a holy site to local Native Americans and where the aliens will return their abductees.
  • It was the first state to allow women to vote[3] and had the first woman governor in the country. So officially they're the "Equality State" (but less officially the "Cowboy State.")
  • Brokeback Mountain was set there.
  • Corporate welfare is banned by the state constitution.
  • Nearly half the state is federal land.
  • The capital, Cheyenne, is in Laramie County, but Laramie is in Albany County. (Albany is the capital of New York.)


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