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March 2012[edit]

9Buchanan, Malkin et al...you can crawl right back into the hole you came in from, thanks.
7VIDEO: Last December, two Trekkers driving through a small town in Illinois were given a first-hand demonstration of how American law enforcement uses the war on drugs to violate people's Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights.
4We're going to have to double our Eurabia debunking efforts.
8New experiment shows Einstein was dead on in his view of how the universe is expanding
11"OK, guys, I cocked up. I'll be off now."
8MYSTERY: Did Frothy almost drop an N-Bomb on the President? [1]
6With a looming petrol delivery strike in the UK, the panic buying starts claiming victims.
13How DARE those Muslims eat Christian food!
7Friends don’t let friends use pink balls
9We all know who's not going to get re-elected.
12Raise the Titanic Apollo 11 engines!
7And so begins one of the most important race cases of the 21st century.
28The 2012 conservative campaign against women reaches absurd new levels. Remember, Repulicans want small government. Very small government.
13WE'RE #1! AMERICA #1! at being a western nation and executing our citizens...
9Will somebody please get Pat Robertson some meds? His latest claim is that homosexuality is a form of demonic possession.
10It begins...
11Small changes in federal policy...can be interpreted as progress.
10The fact that stories like this are happening every week should be enough to raise alarm bells. Hell, does Anonymous even have this kind of power?
-18While American right wing politicians do everything they can to starve public education, school officials in South Carolina may have found a way to speed up the process -- make bass fishing a varsity sport with teams, leagues, championship playoffs and varsity letters.
4Canada continues the grand military tradition of buying lemons it doesn't need
23Not from The Onion: Birthers want proof that Mitt Romney was born in America
18US anti-abortion group "40 Days for Life" hops over the pond to protest against the British Pregnancy Advisory Service - including filming staff and harassing women in and around the clinics.
-8Just please make a better film than Avatar. - (why isn't this headline "Cameron Sinks to New Depths"?)
0"Well, she coulda been related to Saddam Hussein, yah know. Just askin' questions."
6Hitler shampoo commercial gets blasted in Turkey Could be worse. They could be advertising soap.
16German courts want cisgender purity, and rule that the state can condemn a young trans girl to institutionalization, reparative therapy and foster care simply because her mother didn't try to beat the transgender out of her.
-2Perhaps the world's only Shiva that has Lender's Bagels.
1How does the Conservative Party get around a strike by the guys who drive the petrol tankers? They get the army to fill in for them!
1 Canada's New Democratic Party elects a new leader.
5Alberta continues to live with the times.
2Does getting a heart transplant not imply that you have a heart to begin with?
18Starbucks is being boycotted, of all things, for being pro-gay.
7Random cloud shows up on Martian scanners. Ready, set...
25Everyone on me: Galactic facepalm.
12You know how conservative politicians like to talk about how state intervention in the economy is ultimately destructive? Yeah? Well they might try following their own advice when it comes to private-sector labour disputes.
23Now it's official: Watching Fox News can be bad for your health, and may even lead to your death.
9After a year or so of making more off-the-wall statements than usual, should we ask ourselves if Pat Robertson is losing his mind? The most recent example: Because the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning and traded Tim Tebow to the Jets, "it would serve them right" if Manning re-injured his neck.
11Bizarro World: Santorum endorses Obama. Sort of. Update: a pro-choice GOP congressman (not ironically) recommends giving money to Democrats.
13Coercive vaginal ultrasound scans count as rape, according to some wild-eyed liberal do-gooder a doctor planning to organise his profession against the procedure.
14Kakistocracy - Rule by the utterly, surreally ignorant. He just doesn't stop.
13Ironic news item of the day: Two gay men on a gay cruise arrested for having gay sex while in a port where gay sex is illegal.
16A new petition attempts to place Alan Turing on the next £10 bank note.
9Awesome but impractical: Scientists send message with neutrinos.
7Aha.In meme form...
-8So now we know why Sarkozy wanted to get this killer so badly...
13Privatise ALLLLLLLL the things!!!Comme ça!
11Sweden begins transitioning to a cashless economy.[2]
38Fucking hippies <3
19Lesbian proposal at an Ottawa Senators game. Make sure you have Kleenex within easy reach.
12Never mind the economy; contraception and pornography... there are more pressing concerns for the populace.
9From the even evil has standards division, part deux: Rush Limbaugh refused to take ads from the Westboro Baptist Church.
9Castration time!
8From the even evil has standards division: Al Qaeda on Fox News: "falls into the abyss as you know, and lacks objectivity, too.”
4Bolton football player Fabrice Muamba suffers a heart attack in the middle of a game.
4Socialist Ken argues for less government: "I could have paid £50,000 more tax. I could. Or I could use it, as I have done, to employ two people"
5This American Life let themselves get taken in....
6(Coptic) Pope Shenouda III dies.
10Stephen Harper: How are you doing today, friends? Former aides: ...
14Nope, Obama's right wing detractors are not racist.
17ICARUS: Neutrinos do not travel faster than light. Case closed?
10Romer's gapWikipedia shrinks a little.
18And Kony 2012 comes crashing down: Here comes Fapgate.
23If you want a vision of the future, imagine a privately owned boot voluntarily stamping on a human face - forever.
11UK MP to Canada: You know those subs you bought from us? They might have been lemons. You should ask for your money back.
9Science uses a fish gene to protect strawberries from freezing. There's just one small problem...
24Ann Coulter on Sandra Fluke: "liberal women are only pretending to be offended by the word 'slut'.” Also, "As if her haircut isn't birth control enough." Stay classy America.
12That was quick! Sheriff Joe's lead investigator publishes an e-book, titled "A Question of Eligibility," co-authored with WND's Jerome "Where's the birth certificate?" Corsi.
15Is it too early to order some Mammoth steak?
17The Kony 2012 backlash worsens, as even Kony's victims hate the film.
1128 Belgians, 22 of them chirldren between the ages of 11 and 12, are killed in a coach crash in Switzerland. All our thoughts are with the families of the dead, and those still waiting for news.
18Print is Dead, says Encyclopaedia Britannica.
8Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss.
12Cue the redneck jokes. Update: Mitt, just stop.
10Sarkozy: Shut down our borders! No more immigrants. Make sure multiculturalism and Islam never spreads again! Angie, do you agree with me? Merkel: Er, about that...
7March 12, 2012: The Great Black North officially enters the deep end, adopting the very same policies that has made the United States the crime capital of the world.
11"O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!"
11Invisible Children primarily backed by fundies. A shitload of fundies. To that we say...
11Fuck off, Senator! I'm not scared of those liberal pussy wimps in Canada!
13Quebec man barred from filing lawsuits without authorization after he demanded sole ownership of the Earth, the other planets and several moons.
9And the US army has fucked things up again.
15Well, at least they finally stop pretending intelligent design as a science by suing for discrimination on religious grounds.
13Mississippi and Alabama prove just why we think of them every time we hear "Dueling banjos."
9What's the best way to observe Lent? Take your money out of Wall Street banks and put it into small local banks and credit unions.
9Heard of soccerfootball hooligans? Now we have symphony hooligans!
9The man who brought about the end of CFCs, passes away.
13Pussy Riot vs Putin. Sometimes the papers write the WIGO for you…
10Coal produced less than 40% of electricity in the United States last year, the lowest percent in 33 years.
10Ice coverage of the Great Lakes down by as much as 71% since 1973.
5Mission accomplished!
21What's worse than letting a penis decide what happens to a uterus? How about your experience with livestock deciding what happens to a uterus?
15Harold Camping admitting he's wrong? That's new.
11Not being used to morbidly obese people, Britain's mortuaries take on the new policy of leaving fat guys to decompose for a while before trying to fit them into an enclosed space.
13"Affirm or deny that forcing Scientology employees to lick bathroom floors is a religious practice of the Church of Scientology" [3]
3Freshwater appeal denied.
5What is it about conservatives and predictions? Santorum makes his own. In honor of this, I shall engage in a little hypocrisy and predict that he will continue to be a total douchebag.
8Have alcohol problems? Get high.
10Pizza Goat, Pizza Goat, does whatever a Pizza Goat does. Can he swing from a web? No he can't, he's a goat. Update: Guess which restaurant this is too.
13More Republican representatives are abandoning Grover Norquist's no-tax-raise pledge, calling it irresponsible.
10Broken Clock Syndrome strikes again
37The incredibly difficult and traumatic experience of explaining their gay uncle to my children.
7For 26 years, Joseph Kony has been leading the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda and committing every war crime imaginable, completely invisible to world interests. On April 20, 2012, the small campaign against him is going to try for mass exposure.
14Romney 6, Frothy 3, Newt 1, and... well, whoever that other guy is 0.
15Canada's robocall scandal expands as voters in Ontario report being issued a false voter ID card with the Elections Canada letterhead, directing them to a false polling station. Update: The NDP to Harpo: Check.
16FBI arrests Sabu, then Sabu rolls on the identity of 300 LulzSec.
26Republicans: Nuke Iran! Nuke Iran! Obama: Facepalm
29For the ninth year in a row, PBS is "the most trusted institution in the US', and is considered an "excellent" use of tax dollars, according to a new national poll.
27Rush Limbaugh update: He's properly fucked this one up. Additional: ThinkProgress is keeping a tally of the advertisers that have dropped him, and one lawyer states that Sandra Fluke has sufficient grounds to pursue a libel/defamation suit. And what the hell does "overeducated" mean?
22Laurens County, South Carolina GOP: You can't be a Republican if you've had sex outside of your marriage. Oh, Newt...
4The president of the Australian Medical Association distances himself from the anti-quackery Friends of Science in Medicine, claiming that it casts its criticisms too wide.
12Like we all know this is legitimate.
10Er, Republicans, do you support your wealthy donors, or support illegal immigrant slavery? Conundrums, conundrums.
7Let's see the NFL do this.
34Well, Rush, you really are sensitive to these things, aren't you? It's not like we need to get President Obama to offer support or anything.
19Bite my shiny metal school board ass!
10Saturn's moons continue to be in the spotlight.
15“I did veto a bill on gay marriage, not on gay rights”. What?
9For you, no playing with pussy after 8!
8Looks like you shouldn't trust Newt with your wife... or your money.
17Mississippi police shut down an LGBT parade, on the grounds it's "illegal to be openly gay in the state".
14 UPDATE: Our friendly Arizona sheriff, who happens to be under investigation for bias against Latinos on the grounds of race, really wants to believe that thinks that Obama's birth certificate is forged.
27Gay marriage has been signed into law in Maryland. 8 states down, 42 to go.
17Oh, for crying out loud. Gay teacher fired on his wedding day for the crime of being homosexual.
17So. Birthers. WorldNutDaily. “When I took this mission on, I took it on to possibly be able to clear the president,” Arpaio said during a speech in Maricopa County. “I was doing him a favor. We’ll see what happens.” Yeah...
14Even in China, internet activism works.
13Andrew Breitbart is dead De mortuis nil nisi bonum.