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June 2012[edit]

2030 Million uninsured Americans? The GOP says that's not the issue.
8Moonies have mass weddings. Mormons have mass resignations.
20One Million Moms don't seem to know the bit about "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
10Last gay Jewish Holocaust survivor dies.
9 Conservative author Michael Marin kills himself in the courtroom after being found guilty of arson
20In totally unsurprising news, Katie Holmes decides to divorce Xenu.
27Home-birth advocate proclaims: "Free-birthing is beautiful! It's natural! It's how ALL births should be done! (Oh, um, just ignore the fact that I caused the death of my own baby)
82 The US Supreme Court upholds 'Obamacare' Update: Oh God, the irony, it burns!
9 Beach Bikini Bonking By Bawdy Bishop Begats Banishment
2565 percent of Americans say Obama better suited to handle alien invasion than Romney.
148 TRILLION LEGO!!! That is all.
48Texas GOP platform opposes the teaching of critical thinking skills. (see p.12 of the PDF, section heading "Knowledge-Based Education" - platform also includes abstinence-only sex ed and teaching the controversy.)
25The Cost of Same-Sex Marriage Bans
20Oreo goes badass. Best Comment yet: "Now that I think about it, Oreo cookies are basically gay metaphors anyway. Cream filling stuck between two hard, round, black, flat things? Come on. Someone's got jungle fever." 27 June 12
23Germany bans the cutting of foreskin on religious grounds, pissing off Jews and Muslims alike. And so begins the "War on Circumcision!" :)
12Charles Carreon vs The World takes a turn for the even stranger (Is such a thing even possible? Yes it is!)
28 The U.S Supreme Court strikes down 3/4 of the controversial Arizona immigration law. Pundits explode into confusion and rage
20Good news for the 80-odd prisoners sentenced to life without parole for murders committed before their 15th birthday: SCOTUS declares their punishment "cruel and unusual."
14If prayer actually worked, don't you think Christians have better things to pray for than "praying Lady Gaga away."
20Animals are WAY smarter than we thought. Or we're dumber than we thought. Or both.
19Chelonoidis nigra abingdoni - Extinct. Due to goats.
1 Mohamed Morsi elected president of Egypt. Will it be able to remain a secular state for long?
10Ah, the beauty of knowing exactly what will happen. Enjoy yourself, Benedict.
18First? Whatever. Congratulations! You came second!
8As part of the commemoration of Alan Turing's 100 birthday, a conference today at Oxford will debate whether his death was a suicide (as per the official findings) or an accident.
16Sandusky found guilty on 45 of 48 charges.
8Photo of the day.
31The Truth About Religion in America: The Founders LOL'D at Superstition and We Were Never a Christian Nation
4Rio +20: Achieving fuck all!
9Watch as DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart goes full retard. Drugs are bad, m'kay.
5"Doomsday" bird flu data released to the public in full. The verdict? Do not, I repeat, do not fuck with nature.
10Want to have a competition and want to give it a cool name? Don't mess with the 'Olympic' brand, or they'll sue your sorry backside for denigrating True American Athletes™.
18UK comedian Jimmy Carr admits to using a (legal) tax avoidance scheme, apologies and states he will withdraw from it. David Cameron, who has his family fortune nicely tucked away in an offshore account, calls Carr's action "morally wrong". Also: *cough*.
18Andrew Schlafly now apparently writing textbooks for the UK. "Solar Fusion is a Myth"
10Awkward turtle...
15The T-1000 just became a little bit more possible.
12Three Alberta oil spills in exactly 30 days. Just need a little more Harper! Congratulations!
6Egypt's Hosni Mubarak dies....oh wait maybe not..
-2Adidas fails forever.
26More "Christian love:" Christians, carrying pigs' heads and chanting anti-Islam slogans, crash an Arab-American festival in Michigan.
15After failing to get Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) to give him twenty grand, the latest purveyor of the Streisand effect is now suing the National Wildlife Foundation and the American Cancer Society.
7Meet DarwinTunes.
8So, has post-Arab Spring Egypt become the "Islamic Caliphate" that wingnuts feared? Nah, a possible military coup.
18Sheriff Joe keeps fighting the good fight and arrests a six-year-old girl on suspicion of being undocumented.
30Glenn Beck is aghast at Glee's message of acceptance and diversity and wants to create a conservative version to destroy it.
3Nun on the run!
7Greece will try to stay in the eurozone.
7François Hollande unsurprisingly wins a majority in today's legislative election, but strangely (in regards to France's lenient views on sexuality) his former wife Ségolène Royal loses in her riding after Hollande's new partner started a Twitter catfight. Update: In even more strange news, Voldemort is set to disappear from the national spotlight while another Le Pen wins a seat (and another addition to the Evil, but Hawt! list.)
5Oh, Jenny, can't find anything else to do with your time, can you? And forfucksake HuffPo, her son doesn't have autism.
4In some sick Euro 2012 joke, Greece advances to the quarterfinals before tomorrow's election. In true Philosopher Football fashion, they will have to face their creditors.
36Female Michigan House representatives disagree with invasive anti-abortion bill. They are subsequently forbidden to speak at all. Democracy in action, no women allowed.
18Hey asshole, you forgot to say goodbye.
10Someone could write a thesis on this: Compare the reasonable comments on Obama's illegal immigrant decision today in the Beeb and (shockingly) Reddit to the full-scale batshit insanity on Politico: Dey took er jobs! Illeagals can voet! Americahh!
9Plants can talk. The UN is to vote on reclassifying veganism as an act of genocide in an emergency session tomorrow.
6Dubya's head was cut off and stuck on a pike.
7In a blow to at least one source of bodybuilding woo, it seems Growth-Promoting Hormones Don't Stimulate Strength (note that ScienceDaily's is mostly an aggregator of press releases)
24Alexander Aan, the Indonesian atheist who made the "God does not exist" post on Facebook, sentenced to 2½ years imprisonment for blasphemy.
-7New theory on why the male "gay gene" doesn't bring on its own extinction: 1.) Gay men's mothers and aunts carry the gene; and 2.) these women tend to have more children than average. Okay, this theory overlooks the number of closeted gay men who have children. But still, it's ironic (not to mention both sad and amusing) to think of all the homophobic dominionists who pop out a dozen or so kids, thus increasing the likelihood that they will produce at least one confirmed bachelor.
-3Lance Armstrong brought up on new doping charges by the US Anti-Doping Agency
4Former Mobster and inspiration for the film Goodfellas, Henry Hill, dies at 69
6This stretch of highway brought to you by...the Klan?
25The Internet, done right.
6It was a dingo.
11TERRORISM: Now with a sense of humour!
21Democracy in Canada takes another brutal body blow, as "embarrassment to the government" is declared to be a national security threat.
2How fucked is the Euro? Fucking Bitcoin is preferable.
18Greek fascist finds himself at the bottom of a hole, keeps digging.
12Ok...did anyone consider the implications of leaving a full city-state to the Roman Catholic Church? We might be en route to a scandal worse than 2010's.
25Holy crap. Mr. President, we suggest you stay away from Jesusland. (as if he wasn't already)
12Hey look, it's God denying that he's God!
5Details on the Stuxnet attack on Iran's nuclear program leak.
15Terry Jones (no, not the funny one) hangs an effigy of Obama outside his church.
14Dirty socialism caused Greece to go (almost) bankrupt … oh, wait!
18Support for gay marriage comes from a surprising quarter.
14Alberta oil spill #2 Keep going Harper! You can do it!
5Nothing to do while detained in Wal-Mart for shoplifting while the police are on their way? Cook some meth.
6Y'all lookin' fer the ideal place fer y'alls lil'uns birthday party? Come on down to our shootin' range.
12Giant venomous spiders attack a village in northeastern India. Anti-venom is slow to arrive; in the meantime the locals seek assistance from witch-doctors, who bleed them to death.
30Denmark legalizes same-sex marriage. Helle! :)
18Greece lurches even closer to chaos as a newly elected, neo-nazi, Golden Dawn MP assaults two female communist MP's live on air and then goes on the run.
20Update on a previous WIGO: After DOMA forced a legally married widower to pay $363,000 in estate taxes, a New York district judge rules the law unconstitutional and calls for laws that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation to be "subject to a heightened form of judicial scrutiny."
5Philip Tobias, renowned palaeo-anthropologist, passes away.
8Enjoy the cognitive dissonance, FBI.
32Why worry about coal mining's massive environmental impacts to nearby communities when SOMEONE TOOK A PHOTO OF THEIR CHILD IN THE TUB!
16Private Christian school hires music teacher, then immediately fires him when they find out he's gay.
11Stephen Harper's go-to guy for questions on the robocall affair faces investigation for possible electoral improprieties.
10Call the wammmbulance! For the love of all that is holy, Canuckistan!
28Republican spokesman calls for acid to be thrown in the faces of female Democrats.
13Fox News babe by the end of the year, guaranteed.
14RIP Ray Bradbury
7Waiting for her with what, Marine?
30South Korean creationists win a petiton to get the teaching evolution banned in S. Korean schools.
12Louisiana continues its slide into ruin with a voucher system for schools, most of which are religious.
4Biden Clinton smash! "Who would have ever thought that the Republicans who made a living for decades deriding 'old Europe' would embrace their economic policy?" Which brings up the question: with 30 years of military deficits in the US and 30 years of welfare deficits in Greece, are they really that different?
18Barack Obama: encouraging TRUANCY!