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July 2012[edit]

3Michael Phelps, the Olympic athlete who shocked fans and sponsors after GASP! he was filmed at a party smoking marijuana, wins his 19th Olympic medal, which is an all-time record.
-4The media is treating the female Olympians with the utmost respect and admiration. [1] (Bets are off for a spectator/reporter to get kicked in the 'nads by the end of the week).Former hockey player edit: you don't need to kick...
23Remember Mitt Romney's recent gaffe in London? How it was an "isolated incident"? God dammit, Romney.
23The right to bear arms... could include handheld rocket launchers.
3Scientists discover the most relaxing tune ev...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
33 Mississippi reminds black people that Jeebus only loves Christians when they're white.
39I'm too dumbfounded to even come up with any snark for this - A climate denial group change their opinion after (gasp) reviewing evidence.
34Stop me if you've heard this one before: an(other) anti-gay evangelist turns out to be gay.
26Climate change deniers more likely to also believe that the moon landing were faked and that 9/11 was an inside job.
9One day people will take Beach Volleyball seriously. In the meantime, let's mark breaks in play with the Benny Hill theme.
28Florida does it again: a man shoots and kills an unarmed door-to-door salesman
14In a bizarre coincidence the Public Relations VP for Chick-Fil-A dies in the midst of a public relations nightmare. Update: As if they needed even more problems, it's lawsuit time!
15Contender for the most nerdgasmic headline ever: Brian Cox receives degree from Sir Patrick Stewart
24Romney has already begun a diplomatic incident and he's not even President. David Cameron: "We are holding an Olympic Games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities anywhere in the world. Of course it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere." Update: Holy fuck. Boris Johnson.
11Some hate-filled nutters are predicting the end of the anti-Christ Obama this weekend.
12Pregnant teen with cancer denied chemotherapy because of abortion laws.
5Demand for Canadian oil plummets: maybe we shouldn't have put so many economic eggs in one basket.
20Rwandan gorillas outsmart poachers.
5Greek triple-jumper in for the high jump.
15The church that split from the Catholic Church, in order to redefine marriage, is against redefining marriage.
17No, it's not us! It's socialist NASA obfuscating the facts! Get your hands off my oil!
8Obamacare confirmed: Repealing it would be counterintuitive. The only problem - the expansion of Medicare that was struck down in the SCOTUS ruling will keep 3 million uninsured.
10Jesusland Americans: Guns? What guns?
24Would you like bigots with that, Mike Huckabee?
16John McCain faces recall over his support for Huma Abedin.
29The greatest post-mortem trolling of all time: As Caribou Barbie, Mitt Romney, John Boehner and other conservatives offer their praises to the life of Sally Ride, the first American woman in space is revealed to have been a lesbian.
19Corning goes to Washington to complain that their corporate tax rate is too high and is harming the company. Corning's actual tax rate for 2011? -0.2%. Minus. As in, they got a refund.
23Wholesome family values at work: Three-year-old Tripp Palin calls Bristol a "faggot" for not taking him to the swimming pool. On camera.
10Advice: If you want to take the afternoon off, do not set fire to your workplace.
6Isn't it great that the war in Iraq is over?
26Penn State takes down JoePa statue. Update: NCAA to Penn State: We'll teach you to shelter a pedophile and hail him as a hero. Penn State fined $60M, banned from bowl games for four years, all wins since 1998 vacated. How about that football pride now?
11How to cure cancer in women: esoteric breast massage. On the government's tab, of course. (Includes bonus ovary-whispering!)
-15Just remember UN that effort is directly proportional to results.
33Fucking Gohmert had to go there.
7First working gene therapy nears European approval for treatment of lipoprotein lipase deficiency. I think we all know the ultimate goal of this technology—putting the delivery virus in the venom of a spider and surreptitiously setting it on the back of Andrew Garfield's neck...
2112 dead, 59 injured, as gunman goes on rampage during screening of new Batman movie in Colorado. Update: Now considered the largest mass shooting in American history. All firearms purchased legally.
2Microsoft finds and fixes its boob problem (Hey! No sniggering at the back!)
12US eases regulations for same-sex partners of Federal employees.
21Trayvon Martin killing - Hate crime? Racially motivated killing? White Suburban Paranoia? Naw, it was GOD'S PLAN!
21Michigan's GOP are involved in a (surprise, surprise) scandal involving election fraud.
13Is that a bomb in your shorts, or are you just happy to see me?
19Everyone point and laugh: Apple ordered to take out adverts saying Samsung have not actually copied them.
27Victory for religious freedom in middle Tennessee.
16Opposition forces in Syria bomb Damascus, killing the Syrian Defence Minister, Interior Minister, and killing/wounding several other officials.
23Once more, Michigan bans women from talking about issues relating to women Shut up you WOMAN!!! Go home and have a period or something
17The first exoplanet smaller than Earth, and it's only 33 light years away. Yes, there's no atmosphere and likely a volcanic surface with temperatures of over 1,000oF... but it's better than London during the Olympics
15Mitt Romney fully discloses 12 2 0 years' tax returns
11The Hubble Telescope finds the earliest spiral galaxy yet - just 5998 10.7 billion years old
11Is there anything Lego can't do? Build a model jet engine? Check. Explain particle physics? Check.
12Yawn. It's not like there are any rapists in the area so it's fine, right?
22Tireless efforts by a conservative blogger uncover another frightening Democratic scandal: a woman hugging her husband.
11Which societal values are more beneficial for one's bank account? God-fearin' free market American exceptionalism? Or the "hard-headed socialism" of Canuckistan that kept their real estate values from tanking in 2008?
24...and El Rushbo has achieved full insanity. Update: Oh dear God, Rush is right!
8McCain on Romney: oooh, burn. Update: McCain backpedals somewhat after critics try and put two and two together on Romney's tax returns. 4:1 odds against this being prompted by a call from Romney's campaign.
15It appears Libya has proven the world wrong - the (moderately) liberal National Forces Alliance has beaten Islamist parties in the first election since Gaddafi's death. This guy will likely become Prime Minister.
8Ah, the Olympics. Where thoughtful debates on cheap capitalism can finally begin. With style!
13Dyb dyb dyb! Homos can fuck off
12One step closer to a cure for HIV
14The head G4S (that one wot fucked up the Olympics) predicts massive police privatisation in the future. But don't worry, core police services won't be privatised; only running prisons, taking custody of offenders, taking emergency calls, staffing control rooms, responding to incidents, investigating crimes...
9Cut-price solution to global warming?
12Only one in three Americans can name all three branches of government; another one in three can't name any of them.
14Which is worse: a Gideon Bible in every hotel room, or ... Fifty Shades of Grey? <vote poll=shadesofbible>Which is worse to have? Up: Bible, Down: 50 Shades
18"When all else fails, vote from the rooftops" - stay classy, gun-crazy America.
17Mitt Romney: I'm not releasing my tax returns, because John Kerry's wife didn't.Where's the birth certificatetax return, Romney?
2311% of Americans still are really fucking stupid believe Obama is a Muslim.
8When your beloved father places flowers on Pétain's gravetranslation by google you can't really be indignant for comparisons to Nazis.translation by google
22Iowa state GOP candidate goes full Freeman, becomes "a U.S. senator of an alternative form of government."
21Mitt Romney's campaign strategy: Ignore journalists, pander to insane right-wing conspiracy sites like the Drudge Report.
1950. Fucking. Years.
22"We kept our 15-year-old daughter in a chicken coop and shock collar, because we're doing what the Bible says." (Faux News manages to leave mention of the Bible bit out of their story.)
12The private company in charge of security for the London Olympics can't find enough staff to do the job (despite unemployment at over two million). The solution? Send in the troops!
15First came advertising on billboards and the sides of transit buses. Now a minor league baseball team has agreed to allow Minnesota Atheists to sponsor a promotion night. So, if you're in the Twin Cities on August 10, you may want to attend "A Night of Unbelievable Fun."
9Dispatches from Harperland: The Online Snooping bill is back! And apparently now it's perfectly okay for domestic intelligence organizations to take sides in federal politics! Well...good thing CSIS still has civilian oversight. Oh, wait.
11A village in India bans love.
18Apparently, a healthcare bill providing care to millions who didn't previously have it is roughly the same as the deaths of six million Jews.
11Even though the US seems to be the most religious industrialized country in the west, a new Gallup poll shows that Americans' confidence in organized religion is at its lowest.
12The bastard responsible for turning the Canadian Progressive Conservatives into its twisted, Republican-aspiring form found to be bribing a university for $15 million.
10Oval dinosaur eggs could be a further link between dinosaurs and birds. (Original paper.)
10The eye movement stuff in neurolinguistic programming turns out to be bollocks. Gosh, etc.
20The UK's Court of Appeal upholds a ruling that the Catholic Church can be held liable for the wrongdoings of its priests.
15Warning: Graphic imagery. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints apparently half-buries a live cat in concrete to send a message to a former member.
28An Arizona pastor is jailed for holding "bible study" for 150 people in a 2,000 square foot "game room" he built in his back yard after being denied a permit to build a church on his residential property and failing an inspection. What does Fox News frame it as? An attack on religious freedom.
17Canadian scientists finally fight back in Stephen Harper's war against evidence-based reasoning.
12Any sign of Islamic nutters wanting a "world caliphate" slipping away.
39"Yes, we spammed the comments section on your site but now we've just found out that Google's new algorithm doesn't like us doing that sort of crap. So here's a legal notice ordering you to remove our spam from your site."
2The tallest building in Europe is opened in London. But bankers and brewers will not be allowed to have offices in it, for religious reasons.
30Calling all RationalWikians living in Alabama: Can you please spread the word that it isn't the 1950s anymore?
6In true liberal biased fashion, CNN hires Jack Abramoff.
10Ok, we need a full rewrite of Halomonadaceae, scientists are calling it increasingly dubious.
6First world problems getting you down? Don't worry! The Ghana Think Tank is helping people in third-world countries work on solving them for you.
23Climate change? So far this year 23,283 daily high temperature records have been set across the US. Up 71% from last year.
14Abraham Lincoln's Ghost: "You wanna go, you piece of redneck shit?"
16To any homophobe that uses Google...*ahem* (We look forward to the expected boycott of Google. That's Search, YouTube, Gmail, Android, AdSense, Maps, Chrome, Picasa, Drive and the Office tools... no, nobody uses Plus.)
9Today, after 60 years of oppression, Libya is holding the first free election. Well, nobody ever said anything about it not being chaotic as hell...
26Huntsman smash! "I will not be attending this year's convention, nor any Republican convention in the future, until the party focuses on a bigger, bolder, more confident future for the United States—a future based on problem solving, inclusiveness, and a willingness to address the trust deficit, which is every bit as corrosive as our fiscal and economic deficits."
7Prepare for Holocaust denial.
39A Louisiana Republican lawmaker is shocked to discover that other, non-Christian religions will be allowed to set up schools under the state's new voucher system.
16Rush Limbaugh waxes nostalgic about those pre-19th Amendment golden days.
19From HuffPo, two Republicans vie for oddest claim of the week: #1) An Upstate New York congressional candidate states that "People now don't die from prostate cancer, breast cancer and some of the other things" because of innovations that he claims didn't exist 10 years ago (although some of them have actually existed since the 1990s); #2) An 86-year-old New Hampshire state legislator claims that sending children to kindergarten has caused a 400 percent increase in crime.
-3Vitamin therapy ends in tragedy.
10German politics are getting quite interesting.
28Where is he now? Thirteen year old Conservative wunderkind is now seventeen...and not a Conservative anymore.
24So you lost both your legs in combat? According to Joe Walsh, "You ain't a true hero if you talk about it."
32The European Parliament rejects ACTA with 478-39 votes.
12Charles Carreon vs the World is now over with Carreon claiming victory. Of course, it's attracted another crazy.
37They've (probably) found the Higgs.
20An 18 year old is sentenced to over a 160 years in prison for armed robbery. This after a woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a gun into the air to ward off her abusive husband, and after the brouhaha over even getting George Zimmerman on trial, makes you think that Florida has a really fucked up justice system
11In a blatant attempt at a coverup, the US Government claims mermaids don't exist. (Animal Planet viewers seem not to have learned from three years ago)
12Is it a bird? Is it Archaeopteryx? No, it's a feathered dinosaur!
-21Roger Hayes (British Constitution Group) arrested, tried, imprisoned by secret court? No, just a man jailed for refusing to pay council tax.
22Birthers lose another court case.
27Anderson Cooper comes out.
14The Tevatron's final verdict on the Higgs Boson? We think so... but can't be sure.
18Cure for Nazism found.
18There's only one way this will go...Come on Charles, sue Paypal!
20As the government of Mississippi moves to end the state's only clinic where people can access abortion procedures, a federal judge blocks the law temporarily, quoting something silly about legal precedent and constitutional rights.
15Yet another stopped clock...Rupert Fucking Murdoch.