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May 2012[edit]

-6Michael Bloomberg is coming for your Big Gulp!
40And so the crazy begins: Oklahoma doctor refuses to provide rape victim with emergency contraception, because it was against her religious beliefs.
21Louisiana newspaper defends running ad that asks the magical question: "Will Obama and the Democrats shoot Christians and Catholics?"
11One Million Moms views on homosexuality don't seem to be the only thing they are 50 years behind on. PROTIP: Children don't read comic books anymore!
21US evangelical group uses Saul & The Amalekites to teach children it's OK to murder atheists
14"In Texas Senate races, it was a night for the conservatives." Any bets which will be the next state to start passing wingnut laws?
21The standards body of U.S. Conservative Judaism introduce new ritual frameworks for same-sex Jewish weddings. Mazel tov!
25A pastor in West Virginia chugs strychnine and handles a rattlesnake in his service, pursuant to Mark 16:17-18. He, like his father before him, dies on the job, thus demonstrating that he was not a True Believer™.
13It seems the US and Israel created Stuxnet. Problem is, they lost control of it.
16Pastor jailed for advocating corporal punishment for young children.
16400 ppm carbon dioxide is here.
51North Carolina's Tea Party-dominated legislature moves to criminalize accurate predictions of sea level rise. Trends: they don't work that way.
34U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals rules DOMA unconstitutionally denies federal benefits to married same-sex couples.
8I dont think that the music industry hires mathematicians...
11Strong showing, Hollande.
10Well, well, well. How many times will this have to happen for people to listen?
-1It's Political Correctness Time! Is it alright to call Nazi death camps Polish?
12Disagree with Bobby's budget ideas? Get your budget cut by 1/2 a mil with no explanation
15The Dominion of Canada is dying. Update: Speaking of Tories, WTF?
10Er... the Earth is fine and we are the ones who are fucked?
4"It's not a racist problem, it's a cultural problem!" The first Euro tournament to show the Nazi salute live on international television?
8Deutschland über alles.
-21Like customizing your bike? Then be very careful about the parts you use.
3A man was killed by police in Miami, FL as he ate the face of his victim.
-3The line between tolerance and condemnation frequently blurs - this is probably one of the most extreme.
14How to Stop Violent Gangs 101 — Fire artillery into residential areas.
11Hello again, sockpuppet.
8The butler did it. No, really.
10Some in the Roman Catholic Church are finally realizing they're waging a winless war.
6First the Koreans, then the Filipinos, now the Poles, Marion Barry you're just the gift that keeps on giving.
8Got any ideas on how geologists can waste precious time and money? Here's a suggestion. Have them use biblical-era seismic records (????) and the book of Matthew to pinpoint the date of Jesus' crucifixion.
3Very interesting... (compare this to the Liberals during the Adscam fiasco)
6Greens spark euthanasia debate in Finland. Wingnut reaction is as expected.
8Nuke Iran! Nuke Iran! Do it! DO IT.
3853% of Americans overall support gay marriage. And 59% of African-Americans do. Wasn't Obama's stance on gay marriage supposed to alienate those anti-gay rights black voters....?
7London Metropolitan anti-corruption police officer arrested for allegedly taking bribes
13Extremists in Afghanistan, opposed to women's education, have apparently taken to poisoning schoolgirls.
15Muslims don't understand democracy Egyptians vote freely for a new President. Just hope for a secularist though.
8Superheroes in gay marriage shock!
17More "Christian love:" NC pastor says gays and lesbians should be kept behind electrified fences until they die out.
5No wonder the Daily Fail is on top of this story. The headline is just so . . . them on so many levels -- "Missing girl 'buried in murdered mobster's tomb was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties', claims Catholic Church's leading exorcist priest"
2And we thought that summer would mean the end of this bullshit.
30Newt Gingrich facing bankruptcy.
25The dawn of a new space age? After Sunday's abort, SpaceX launches successfully Falcon9/Dragon towards the International Space Station (video). It's expected to be berthed with it before the end of the week.
7The sad truth is that hundreds of Americans will want to bid on this.
15Members Of Congress Speak Like High School Sophomores, and the worst offenders are all Republicans.
6"Staines-upon-Thames massive" just doesn't have the same ring to it.
12Abdelbaset al-Megrahi dies.
9Ahh, the tropical paradise that is the Maldives... not!
14Headline says it all.
20Arizona, we give you two words: Fuck off.
22America takes another lurch towards a 1984-esque dystopia.
14SpaceX launch aborted at last half-second by computer. (Next launch window: Tuesday 22nd)
5Same-sex marriage is not legal in Maryland, but same-sex divorce is.
-8John Waters is fucking hardcore awesome shit
20A psychiatrist says "sorry" to gays.
11Turn the clock back to the 1950s, and this would be happening to communist sympathizers.
16Biden smash! "And by the way, I'll take a lot of credit for a man having land on the moon, because all the while in school, I rooted for it."
13Vision Forum's online poll about Obama's Same-Sex Marriage endorsement gets taken over by pro same-sex marriage pollsters.
7for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee Harper
3Racism really is everywhere.
13Malawi bucks the trend of homophobic lawmaking in Africa.
20Apparently Jesus belongs to Tim Tebow AND NO ONE ELSE!.
19Hello, RationalWiki. While I've been on hiatus due to recent drama, this ignorant prick is forcing me to return to the site on a near-daily basis. So let's cut a deal. Give this asshole the criticism he deserves without me, and you'll have the added benefit of refraining my infamous editing record. Thanks - OS
14New Zealand creates catalogue of the country's entire known living and fossil life from 530 million years ago to today.
12TED is apparently too scared to show the reality on income inequality in the United States...and the National Journal loves it.
-5Justin Bieber will go. He will vanish and shrink. Jesus is more popular than him now. We don't know which will go first — pop music or Christianity.
17Kansas has passed a law that makes it legal for doctors to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions. Critics say that under the law, a doctor could also refuse to treat a pregnant woman for cancer if the treatment could cause a miscarriage.
13Now it is not just the "moonbats" saying that Dubya is a war criminal; the matter has been decided by a Malaysian court that apparently decided to give itself jurisdiction in the matter.
6Greece creates another caretaker government after parties can't decide on anything, and the day of reckoning will occur in June.
11The Pentagon paid $150 million each for this crap?
11Faux News blames the increase in support for same-sex marriages on... public schools.
17Want to stop the spread of AIDS? Make the women shave their heads and bathe less.
13You know the meme about "Ceiling cat is always watching? Well, substitute "pastor" for "ceiling cat" and you've got it.
17"Let's hear it from the Harper gang - 'This is the media's fault.' 'The Auditor General is a Liberal mole.' 'No, he's actually a socialist.' 'He's from Quebec? They don't like us there.' 'The whole world is against us. We are victims of a vast left-wing conspiracy!' Take responsibility and stop the lies and the blaming. Harpo appointed him. You have no excuses."
15After a 2008 car accident left a 71-year-old man paralyzed, doctors managed to bypass the damaged nerves through surgery. While he was able to move his arm, he had still lost the ability to pinch and grab with his fingers... until now.
12Supreme Court to issue a ruling on if pumping someone with 50,000V of electricity is police brutality.
30Norway disestablishes its state-funded church. Secularists, always happy to sling broadsides at their best friends in lieu of grappling with an actual adversary, rejoice.
15Hey, Texas kills another innocent! Rick Perry now seriously considering a death lottery as a means to sate citizens' bloodlust
22Paul Cameron says that because Obama supports gay marriage, he must also be gay. Oh yes, and all gays should be locked up, before they rape children.
33In Lexington, Kentucky, two lesbians are barred from their school prom, so the students hold a better one in the car park.
15Nevada issues a driver's license to a car.
18The stupid continues to burn above the 49th parallel.
10Somewhere, I hope, someone is telling Romney: You can take yer approval ratings and shove 'em straight up yer ass!
9Ron Paul announces he will no longer campaign (citing lack of money); but still wants his followers to vote for him
-5The dark history of Mothers' Day.
13Arrrrr, ye mateys!
9Trekkies going too far?
24Romney goes to a certain institution of -- AHEM! -- "higher learning" to deliver the commencement address. (BTW, he used the opportunity to double-down on his anti-gay marriage stance. It's a one-liner about halfway through the speech which you can read here.) Since LU was founded by Jerry Falwell, it should come as no surprise that it is so fundamentalist Christian that the curricula of two required courses teach that Mormonism is a cult. And many of the students believe that so whole-heartedly that they remain pissed off that the school invited a cultist to deliver the speech even after Jerry Junior told them weeks ago to get over it.
46Fundie school forfeits state championship, rather than play against a girl.
8Read the fine print, 2012 apocalypse proponents!
12Missing - 1 Bow Shock: Please return to Sol if found. IBEX starts probing The Outer Limits, sorry, the heliosphere.
6All glory to The Hypnotoad Norway!
26Joe "Sheriffs are all powerful"" Arpaio is sued by the Justice Department over civil rights abuses.
24Mitt Romney was, of course, a violent gaybasher at school. But it's okay! After initially denying it, he now says "if anybody was hurt by that or offended by that I apologize".
76President Obama declares his support for marriage equality.
0Ron Paul gets a new campaign theme song... courtesy of "Pokemon."
36Teabaggers call for armed revolution if Obama wins again. So much for democracy.
20North Carolina takes a step further back from Equal Rights, banning official non Male-Female relationships.
18The Obama Administration turns a surplus for their first month.
12Fuck, fuck, fuck. Update: Oh no.
12Three years on, can al-Qaeda improve on Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's underwear bomb and get it working? Nope.
18After greenhouse gas emissions declined by 1.5% in 2009, they increased by 5.8% in 2010. Thanks economic recovery!
13Introducing the 100% effective, reversible male birth control.
7"We think it's a good idea to spend $30 billion because...er...yes! Put an extra 'very' in there. That will get them off our backs."
14Le nain a perdu. Je répète, le nain a perdu.
16Democratic congressman: We should respect nonbelievers. But they don't really exist!
3Kathryn Rogers flies for free then?
12The Prosperity Gospel works for some people at least.
16The beginning of the end. I'm not a crook!
1Remember the Sedsuden movement from the to-do list? It's going to go one step further: Japan will try to survive the summer without any nuclear power.
8Cautious optimism...
12Rand Paul has an actually thoroughly good idea for the first time in his life: scrap the TSA.
16'Billboards in Chicago paid for by The Heartland Institute point out that some of the world’s most notorious criminals say they “still believe in global warming”'
9Diablo Conrad Black walks the earth
11Suddenly those kiddies' programs I used to watch make far more sense...
13Porn vs. religious internet sites -- can you guess which type Symantec says is by far the riskiest to click on?
8Barack Obama might be the first President to have his early sex life detailed while still in office (well, with the exception of Bill, but that was an in-House relationship). In the words of one NPR commenter, "I will hazard the observation that the contrast with Shrub could not be starker."
9Afghan woman flees home and finds refuge from an "honor killing" among the U.S. Military
1Prison personnel being laid off? Replace them with dog-wolf hybrids
20The World Trade Center quietly reclaims the New York skyline.
18Ouch. Not a time to be a Murdoch.
36Any Stephen King fans out there?
13"But it's from Berkeley! They're all a bunch of godless sodomites!"