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Realhistoryww was a crackpot black supremacist website owned by a poster on the Egyptsearch forum "Mike111" (where he seems to have spent most his life: 18,000+ posts). As of late 2023, the website has remained suspended by its hosting provided, only available through archive links now.

Mike's website argues all ancient civilizations were black, and that white people are "sickly albinos" that are inferior.

Many of Mike's racist Egyptsearch posts reveal an unhealthy obsession with white females:

We have all heard Whites espouse glowingly of the "Delicate" White skinned, rosy-cheeked beauty.

Has anyone ever really analyzed and considered that proposition?

Why would ANY man want a "Delicate" (Sickly) Woman?

The offspring would likely be sickly too.

And the sex? Can't do much rocking-n-rolling with a sickly woman.

Conclusion: There is serious delusionary thinking going on in the White mind.[1]

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