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Realhistoryww is a crackpot black supremacist website owned by a poster on the Egyptsearch forum "Mike111" (where he seems to spend most his life: 18,000+ posts).

Mike's website argues all ancient civilizations were black, and that white people are "sickly albinos" that are inferior.

Many of Mike's racist Egyptsearch posts reveal an unhealthy obsession with white females:

We have all heard Whites espouse glowingly of the "Delicate" White skinned, rosy-cheeked beauty.

Has anyone ever really analyzed and considered that proposition?

Why would ANY man want a "Delicate" (Sickly) Woman?

The offspring would likely be sickly too.

And the sex? Can't do much rocking-n-rolling with a sickly woman.

Conclusion: There is serious delusionary thinking going on in the White mind.[1]

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