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Bryan J. Pesta is a hereditarian psychologist and professor of management at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He has done a decent amount of legitimate research, much of it published in reputable journals, on psychological topics like memory and the link between religion and intelligence.[1][2] However, he is also active in promoting dubious racialist science on race and IQ. For instance, he pals around with Emil Kirkegaard and other racialist pseudoscientists, serving on the editorial board of one of Kirkegaard's OpenPsych pseudojournals, (co-)authoring three articles in these journals and reviewing four others,[3] and co-authoring a recent article with Kirkegaard himself in the granddaddy of all racist pseudo-scientific "peer-reviewed" journals: Mankind Quarterly.[4] He used to edit Wikipedia's article about race and intelligenceWikipedia's W.svg back in 2010, but then abruptly stopped editing the site at all until late 2018.[5][6]

Pesta is an atheist.[7]