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Jeff Sessions

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Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is a former Confederate general United States Senator from Alabama, and the current U.S. Attorney General under Trump. He fired every U.S. Attorney in one afternoon. Now who is going to prosecute Killary or the CIA?

Basically he's putting the police above the law so that they can railroad and kill anyone they want.[1]

Racist Republican Redneck[edit]

He is a far more reliable "conservative" than his counterpart, Richard Shelby. When Ronald Reagan wanted to make him a federal judge, a number of witnesses came forward to say that he had made some truly disgusting racist remarks, such as that he thought the Ku Klux Klan was "OK until I found out they smoked pot."[2]

Despite this, he was the head Republican during the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court. During his discussion with her, he found an area of agreement (though he ended up voting against her confirmation) in rationalizing drug sentencing guidelines. However, in the Senate, this came out as he and Senator Patrick Leahy were going to "do that crack cocaine thing".

He is also apparently pro-torture[3] and pro-gang rape, at least as practiced by defense contractors.[4] He has also apparently helped Trump draft his immigration policies.[5]

He also says that it is bad that mentally retarded people don't have death penalty.[6]