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Racial Holy War is a role-playing game brainchild of Rev. Kenneth Molyneaux, member of a white supremacist cult (the Church of the Creator). It is a low quality game that could barely be described as an RPG. It is basically the pen-and-paper equivalent of the Ethnic Cleansing video game.

The setting[edit]

The "game" is extremely bare-bones (don't expect at all the grade of detail of Forgotten Realms) and assumes that in a not very distant future the world is about to collapse because the evil Jewish Illuminati have made whites a downtrodden minority — and of course through minorities pumping out babies whites have been largely replaced. Everything appears to be lost for the valiant master race except for a group of so-called "White Warriors" who will "cleanse the world of all the vermin" and "bring about a glorious White Empire." Suggested missions include assassinating celebrities or busting drug cartels.

The enemies, each with a special ability and named with a charming racial slur include:[1]

  • Niggers: Are described as "Smelly and stupid creatures" that will reduce your accuracy thanks to their body odor.
  • Latrinos, described as "Lazy and criminal vermin" with the ability to strike first in combat even though they're lazy apparantly.
  • Sand Niggers, "Scumbags" that have "declared the White Race as one of their many enemies in their 'Jihad' or holy war" and who will attempt to blow themselves up killing others in the process.
  • Gooks, who are "Timid, annoying, slanty-eyed dirt that so desperately wish they were White", which can gain extra attacks in hand-to-hand combat from watching "fake martial arts movies".
  • Kikes, "the worst and most evil parasites that the world has ever seen", who can bribe the PCs with "jewgold" to skip their turn thanks of the power of "brain pollution". In fact it seems that the white warriors are pretty weak without their magic but I suppose the point of the game is to make realising the white supremacy dream a fun challenge.

The rules[edit]

As groan inducing as the game's premise is the mechanics of the game are even more repulsive. Abilities include "Clothesmaking" (suggested uses include making swastika shirts), video games, and Holy Books of Creativity, which involves the "study and enlightenment of the greatest books ever written — Nature's Eternal Religion and The White Man's Bible" and which oddly enough can heal the White Warriors by "soothing and inspiring them", and the rules are broken beyond belief as there are no rules or stats to use the weapons presented — just a handgun, a shotgun, and an assault rifle.[1] How to calculate the player's ability to use them is never explained either, meaning that playing this raw, with no homebrew rules, means the fearless White Warriors could not even fight their enemies. Furthermore, there are a number of broken mechanics, one of which is that you will be scared away upon being outnumbered at least 5:1 — all without even specifying how that is supposed to work, meaning that your team of brave warriors could be scared away by a horde of babies.

It isn't clear if this game was designed to offend, spread white supremacy or probably both. In either case it is unlikely even the most engaged white supremacist gamer will become terribly bored playing this garbage RPG as the mechanics are terrible, it is poorly conceived and a player is likely to give up and watch terrible white supremacy youtube videos instead of completing the game (if that is even possible). [2][3]

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