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Truth Frequency Radio (TFR) is a webshite that serves as the home to numerous radio talk shows promoting fake news and insane conspiracy theories. It is a self-proclaimed escapism portal, of sorts, from all THOSE evil mainstream satanic news sources, like Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.


TFR offers low quality radio programming around the clock 24/7, with replays usually dominating the graveyard schedule slots. Their offerings include The Infinite Fringe with Billy Ray, Paranormal Portal with Brent Thomas, and of course, The Gematria Effect with Zachary Hubbard, just to name a few. An unusually large number of their programmers are wearing mirror or dark glasses in their website photos (Billy Ray, Travis Cook, Sean Caron, Kev Baker, jeranism and the appropriately-named "The Lizard Ritual")[1] which makes one wonder what kind of drugs they're on or whether they're hiding their reptoid eyes.

If they wish, listeners from the US or UK can call in live![note 1] Guests may call to just to drop in and say hi, offer some insight into said discussion, or (probably most excitingly) waste their irretrievable time refuting said host's atrocious arguments, even though, in all probability, they would never admit defeat regardless.


As with literally any other conspiracy theorist website, TFR claims to be the United States government's biggest fear, exposing their deepest and darkest secrets day in and day out for any of the sheeple to see if only they opened their damn eyes. Of course, having as much power as they have, the government could be assumed to be capable of eliminating websites like TFR with a stroke of a key… so why haven't they done this yet? Don't answer that, it's rhetorical.

Self owned[edit]

In a hilarious instance of irony, selecting the "24/7 Beyond Evil" option under the "Listen Live" tab redirects users to IheartRadio's own website, which features "similar stations", including (drum roll) NBC Radio.[2]

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  1. 213-233-3998 in the US or +44.203.393.2871 in the UK.


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