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Wiki Pseudosciencia (Pseudoscience Wiki)[edit]

I came across this Spanish-language skeptic wiki when I was looking up "La Guerra Contra Navidad". While I can only understand a few sentences of what is written there (as my Spanish isn't exactly the best), I think it could potentially be worth mentioning here. From what was on there that I could understand, its mission and interests are very similar to ours. Here is the link to their main, non-Wikia site: [1] --Goatspeed. See what I'm up toCircularREmail2.gifasoningSee my latest prototypes 06:11, 16 August 2019 (UTC)

Liberapedia has more editors now than before[edit] It doesn't seem like its just Proxima Centauri now.BeardOfZeus (talk) 02:48, 9 September 2021 (UTC)


They're obscure, but so are most of the wikis on this page. Do we remove the section entirely because of the motivation behind its addition or just edit it? Christopher (talk) 18:50, 23 December 2022 (UTC)

I say edit it. The complaints about Prolewiki's support for China is an extremely subjective criticism and clearly, it comes from...Wisconcom.--April Chat? 18:52, 23 December 2022 (UTC)
The motivation does cast that particular edit in doubt but maybe just having it be listed alongside other wikis is that one compromise we can do I guess. --It's-a me, Lgm sigpic.png LeftyGreenMario!(Mod) 18:54, 23 December 2022 (UTC)
I deleted a bunch of rambling paragraphs. What do you all think of the section now?--April Chat? 18:58, 23 December 2022 (UTC)
China isn't socialist. Vee (talk) 19:11, 23 December 2022 (UTC)
Suit yourself. Again you can add whatever you want there--April Chat? 19:13, 23 December 2022 (UTC)

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ProleWiki, relative to the other examples documented here, is notable to the extent that it warrents its own section. Being critical of this site for its extreme and uncritical support for the People's Republic of China, including in the aspect of how ProleWiki considers it to be "Socialist", is not "subjective". The only ideological groupings which still maintain that modern China is Socialist are small pseudo-Marxist (revisionist) circles. These claims are made by @AprilIsTrying, a clearly pro-China "Marxist", whose edits (or rather, clear whitewashing) of ProleWiki I have reverted. Wisconcom 18:33, 24 December 2022 (UTC)

For someone who has "pressing matters" in his life with which he must deal, he is rather preoccupied with incessantly attending to matters which are not at all pressing, is he not?--April Chat? 03:27, 25 December 2022 (UTC)
That is not a counter-argument. I will be fully off this Liberal cesspool in haste. Wisconcom 03:29, 25 December 2022 (UTC)
Go on then. Off you pop. 🎄Chef Moosolini’s Ristorante Italiano🎄Ask about our holiday specials! 18:20, 25 December 2022 (UTC)

Bad source[edit]

Wisconcom cited a Leftypedia article that he largely wrote himself. This is clearly not an acceptable source. Ledlecreeper27 (talk) 13:27, 15 January 2024 (UTC)

Removed. GeeJayKWhere all evil dwells Where every lie is true 13:36, 15 January 2024 (UTC)


Per this SB discussion, we’ve got yet another far-right echo chamber on our hands, but this time a soon-to-be-outdated WP fork, as a haven for everyone banned from other wikis to whitewash in favor of their pet causes. And it was founded on the same compulsions that spawned a certain misbegotten site we all know very well. Should I add a section on it? Or since it’s likely that nobody will care about it a year from now, should I let it die? --Goatspeed. See what I'm up toCircularREmail2.gifasoningSee my latest prototypes 03:51, 22 January 2024 (UTC)

Unfairness to Miraheze.[edit]

Given how much Fandom FUCKING SUCKS, the Miraheze part of the Comparison seems a bit unfair given how Fandom is seemingly motivated to drive off everyone with their god-awful design, the amount of ads they force down your throat, and the long loading times. A somebody. (talk) 01:51, 18 February 2024 (UTC)

Also the Gamergater part seems like PIDOOMA to me. A somebody. (talk) 01:55, 18 February 2024 (UTC)