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[edit] [purge] Documentation


To use this template:

  1. the page must be in category help
  2. include on the page (normally at the very bottom):
    "{{keyword|helpkey = xxxx}}", where xxxx is the wording you wish to appear in the eventual listing. (To prevent phrases breaking at line ends replace spaces with " ".)
  3. include on the page (just above the "keyword" template above):

That's it!

Copying/amending for use on other (non help) pages

This template has been copied to Evonav. using "evokey" as the keyword section

This template has been copied to Mathnav. using "mathkey" as the keyword section

Copy this page & rename it appropriately, change the category within the (dpl) code. If required multiple categories can be included if separated by a pipe ( | ).