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People who don’t want you to think are never your friend
—TheraminTrees’ motto

TheraminTrees is a British YouTube atheist and skeptic who published animated videos that debunk common religious arguments and misconceptions.

He is the brother of QualiaSoup.


As of Novemeber 2020, since account creation in 2010, TT has over 190,000 subscribers and 12 million views.[1] He makes about $1,100 per video and has more than 400 Patrons on Patreon.[2]

He appears to have been received positively by the atheist community.[3][4][5] He's been positively reviewed by Hemant Mehta.[6] He is listed as one of Richard Dawkins' "Secular Stars".[7]


This is an adult-oriented channel that explores issues around abuse, manipulation, dogma and systems of undue influence.


  • living with abusers
  • letting go of fixing people
  • infantilisation


  • commanded to love


  • losing faith
  • respecting beliefs
  • seeing things
  • religion- the bad parent

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