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TheraminTrees is a British YouTube atheist and skeptic who published animated videos that debunk common religious arguments and misconceptions.

He is the brother of QualiaSoup.


As of January 2016, since account creation in 2010, TT had over 50,000 subscribers and 3.8 million views.[1] He makes about $1,100 per video.[2]

He appears to have been received positively by the atheist community.[3][4][5] He's been positively reviewed by Hemant Mehta.[6] He is listed as one of Richard Dawkins' "Secular Stars".[7]


  • instruction manual for life(link): Woodworking as an analogy for religion.
  • bending truth(link): On how religion can use cognitive biases to entrap people, step by step, until escape is very psychologically difficult.
  • losing faith(link): On how he lost his faith.
  • coming out(link): On, well, coming out.
  • respecting beliefs(link): Rebutting the idea that religious beliefs have to be "respected" (ie, unquestioned).
  • 'science' of the gaps(link): On pseudoscience.
  • telling stories(link): On how stories (eg, atheist professor myth) are used as analogies to push any false beliefs.
  • death part 1(link) and part 2(link)
  • the impossible game(link) and betting on infinity(link): Both on Pascal's Wager versus an infinite number of gods.

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