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Wife with a Purpose

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Ayla Stewart

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If you live in America, no matter what color you are, especially if you're in Utah, you live in a culture built by white, western, Europeans, sorry if you don’t like that fact but it’s true.
—Ayla Stewart[1]

Ayla Stewart (March 21, 1979–), better known as Wife with a Purpose, is an American Mor(m)on and white nationalist, and a serial abuser of commas. Stewart has used a number of different names. She was formerly known as Ayla Serenemoon Israel.[2] A self-proclaimed "Alt-Right Mormon", she makes controversial racialist YouTube videos.

Stewart is best known for her paranoia about white genocide and requesting white people to have more babies.[3]


In 2002, Stewart graduated from the University of Nevada with a BA in German and a minor in anthropology.[2] Around 2008 she was associated with the pseudoscientific Waldorf education.[2]

Stewart once identified as a "Mormon Green Witch, Gnostic Mormon Wiccan, Deep Mormon, Reform Mormon, Joseph Smith Mormon, Early Mormon, Folk Magick Mormon, Universalist- culturally practicing Mormon-Witch, Shamanic Mormon." She was the administrator of a website known as "New Age Mormon Pagans".[4]

Stewart claims she was a former liberal and pagan.[5] She is an anti-feminist and mother of six children.[6]


Stewart is an advocate of radical traditionalism. She claims:

In America and Europe citizens have become self obsessed [sic], lazy, fat, demanding, spoiled, loud, controlling, egotistical and mentally ill. Feminism, homosexuality, atheism, hedonism, and transgender-ism are being promoted while the hard work and priorities of family and faith have all but died away and this pattern is killing us, physically and spiritually.[7]

She is known for her "white baby challenge", encouraging white people to match or beat her number of offspring.[8][9]

In July, 2017 she caused a controversy on twitter by requesting that white women give up becoming scientists to stay at home and raise children.[10]

Stewart was scheduled to speak at the Unite the Right rally in August 2017.[11]

On 24 December 2017, Stewart's twitter was permanently suspended.[12]


Stewart is a former supporter of LGBT rights and same-sex marriage.[13] In 2008 she wrote that she "dated a woman who loved to dress up".[14] She was once in a relationship with a female but now identifies as heterosexual. In 2017, she commented on this:

We barely did anything physically at all, so don't go thinking it was some scene from a porno movie, it wasn't. I thought I would enjoy being with a woman like all the media pushed (this was at the height of the TV show The L Word about lesbianism) but I hated it, I hated every second of it. I was scared to break it off because I didn't want my husband to lose his best friend but after about 3 months I couldn't stand it anymore and I broke up with her.[15]

Although Ayla claimed to hate every second of her lesbian affair, she also wrote in her blog, Mother Lover Goddess, when questioned about her last homosexual relationship, during her baptism, that she responded to the pastor's question: "'Two years ago.' I replied thinking to myself - most recent anyway."[16] This directly contradicts her 2017 comment, but affirms her previous blog about dating a woman who loved to dress up.

Stewart is now known to celebrate heterosexual pride and posts "vitriolic anti-LGBT" messages on her Twitter.[14]

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