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The Traditional Values Coalition or TVC is yet another Christian conservative group in the United States classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. According to their "Issues" page they appear to currently (June 2012) have three overriding goals: defeating ENDA, which they believe will force transgender teachers on schoolchildren,[1] preventing military chaplains from performing same-sex ceremonies,[2] and becoming the most popular girl in school. Another item of note on the TVC website include claims that the US government funds homosexual pornography,[3] The site also contains an Islamophobic section on Creeping Sharia.[4] The group had ties to lobbyist Jack Abramoff.[5]

Definition of traditional values[edit]

The TVC website had a page defining[6] Traditional values as being


The TVC website contains a blog run by Andrea Lafferty, daughter of the group's founder, which contains such malarial as claiming that watching movies at AMC means you're supporting communism,[7] calling for a nationwide boycott of Groupon for offering discounts to porn sites,[8] and being disgusted over the presence of a trans woman in the Miss Universe contest.[9]

Question Evolution[edit]

The TVC also was one of the main supporters of Creation Ministries International's Question Evolution! campaign as

The creation vs. evolution issue is a core issue because the teaching of evolution (everything made itself without God) leads students to reject biblical authority/morality and thus robs them of true meaning and purpose for their lives[10]

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