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Truthstream Media is a conspiratorial and pseudoscientific webshite run by a young couple Aaron and Melissa Dykes out of Angleton, Texas, which promotes, well, the expected conspiracy theories and pseudoscience, such as "bioengineering" vaccines[1] and "eugenicist" water.[2] They also seem to think that mind control is real,[3] and other usual bullshit.

InfoWars beginnings[edit]

From 2006, Aaron was a prominent member of InfoWars, mainly focusing on the behind-the-scenes aspects of production like writing and video editing,[4] though that did not stop him from occasionally coming on air and promoting some dietary supplements with the big man himself.[5] Aaron has been credited with being the cinematographer for the Alex Jones-directed set of paranoid delusions posing as a 'documentary,' TerrorStorm: A History of Government-Sponsored Terrorism (2006).[6]

In 2013, Aaron decided that he wanted to bask in the light of conspiratorial glory, so he parted ways with InfoWars and, along with his wife, created his very own pseudoscience peddling site we all know and love today.

The Corbett Report interview[edit]

Not long after the creation of their website, the couple appeared on the equally far removed from reality “independent, listener-supported alternative news source," The Corbett Report.[7] The interview mainly focused on the promotion of GMO conspiracy theories "food freedom" and the "GMO agenda" with GMF labeling being the main talking point. During the interview, Aaron asserts that the GMF labelling discussion is a government sponsored red herring:[8]

Well, just as a general set up, I would say: first of all, labeling is a great, common sense idea but it has its own deceptions, but in many ways I think the system is interested in us having the labeling discussion so we're not openly having the 'just get rid off GMO foods' or 'why can't we know what they're made of,' 'why isn't there real testing,' 'why isn't it on the burden of the companies to show that it's safe before it ever enters our food chain.'

To no one's surprise, Aaron also has to mix Rockefeller into this, claiming that there is an "end game on the other side [that] has a lot to do with the Rockefeller's food agenda." On top of that, they also mention a "Global World Order" and Agenda 21 as reasons for food being "weaponised" with GMOs, because of course they do.

The rest of the interview focuses on the need for labeling of GMF so that the general populace wakes up to all the alleged harm done by GMOs.

Snopes interaction[edit]

On the 2nd of December, 2015, Truthstream Media released an asinine article titled Why Have There Been More Mass Shootings Under Obama than the Four Previous Presidents Combined?[9] As the title suggests, they claim that that Obama's Presidency had a significant amount of mass shootings. This caught the attention of Snopes, which did a good job at debunking their moronic article.[10] The take away points are that Truthstream Media used a really loose definition of mass shootings, cherry picking what classed as one. With a more critical eye, it became clear that their sources did not support the claim.

Suspiciously enough, you can no longer find this article on their website, nor the accompanying video on their YouTube channel. The traces of this blunder seem to have been completely removed, God forbid their trustworthy reputation gets tarnished.

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