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Hi. I'm an anti-bullshit internet user, who tries to educate people in reality. I really dislike Donald Trump. I'm also on Wikipedia

Political Tests and other Things[edit]

These are just scores on political ideology tests

World's Smallest Political Quiz[edit]

Myself on the Nolan Chart: 80% Personal, 60% Economic. [1]


  • Economic Axis: Centrist: 50.6% Equality, 49.4% Markets
  • Diplomatic Axis: Balenced: 52.1% Nation, 47.9$ World
  • Civil Axis: Liberal: 65.4% Liberty, 34.6% Authority
  • Societal Axis: Progressive: 30.5% Tradition, 69.5% Progress
  • Closest Match: Liberalism


Equality, Humanity, Socialism. [2]

Political Compass[edit]

Left Libertarianism. [3]

To-do List[edit]

Political views[edit]

Social Views[edit]

  • Pro-free speech
  • Pro-racial equality
  • Anti-Affirmative action
  • Pro-gender/sex equality
  • Pro-LGBT rights
  • Consenting people should be allowed to marry nationwide
  • LGBT Adoption should be legal nationwide
  • Ban conversion therapy
  • Research what causes Homosexuality and Gender Dysphoria
  • Pro-choice, under some circumstances (Abortion is a useful and sometimes life-saving procedure, but should not be a form of birth control.)
  • Pro-stem cell research
  • Pro-birth control
  • Euthanasia is homicide
  • Legalize prostitution (and other sex-related things for consenting adults.)
  • Legalize gambling nationwide


  • Legalize cannabis and all the other Drugs for everyone
  • End the War on Drugs
  • Pardon and pay reperations to imprisoned non-violent drug users

Guns and Gun Control[edit]

  • Against any and all firearm prohibition
  • Keep minimum purchase age at 18, but allow minors to be trained while supervised by adults who are also trained
  • Support concealed and open carry
  • Support limited Gun control, meaning Universal Background Checks and a Two-week waiting period
  • Establish a multi-tiered licensing and registration system for firearm ownership.

Crime and Punishment[edit]

  • Support death penalty, but only in certain situations (serial killers, terrorists, pedos, etc.), when there is no reasonable doubt.
  • Abolish solitary confinement
  • Refurbish prisons
  • Ban private prisons
  • Ban stop-and-frisk, and enforce the 4th amendment
  • Ban racial profiling
  • Ban forfeiture of assets (unless they were stolen items.)
  • Mandate police body cameras
  • Ban torture
  • Repeal three-strikes laws
  • End practice of charging prisoners for basic items, like toiletries or snack food.


  • Repeal Common Core
  • Increase education funding
  • Free community college, trade school, and university
  • End standardized testing
  • Make online school an option for all students
  • Expansion and improvement of sex education
  • End private education
  • Ban corporal punishment in all schools nationwide
  • Ban suppression of free speech in all schools
  • Ensure students know their rights (both constitutional and human.)
  • Ensure that evolution, the big bang, climate science, and other such related controversial subjects are explained from a scientific point of view.
  • Ensure that students learn basic life skills, like how to pay their taxes, take care of themselves, etc.



  • Reduce deportations
  • Abolish ICE
  • Open the US border
  • Pathway to Citizenship
  • Open borders with Canada and Mexico for free trade


  • Simplify tax code
  • Progressive Income Tax Rate (60% on those who make over $50 Million, 45% on those who make between $10 Million and 50 Million, 35% on those who make between $1 Million and 10 Million, 25% on those who make between $500,000 and 1 Million, 20% on those who make between $250,000 and 500,000, and $15% on those who make between $80,000 and 250,000.)
  • I support a Value-Added Tax and a Capital Gains Tax.
  • Don't tax winnings (Lawsuits, Casinos, Lottery, etc.)


  • Create more jobs
  • Against a jobs guarantee
  • Support meritocracy
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • $25 Minimum Wage as a Living Wage.
  • Enact sick leave


  • Reinstate Glass-Steagall
  • Break-up big banks and monopolies
  • Ban the use of AI as a replacement for humans

Other Economics[edit]


  • Support the Sanders version of the Green New Deal
  • Reduce Fossil Fuel Usage
  • Ban Fracking
  • Fund EPA
  • Pro-nuclear energy
  • Pro-GMO
  • Ban poaching, support trophy hunting systems where they pay to hunt
  • Support conservation of wildlife



  • Less government interference with day-to-day lives
  • Limit Senators to two terms and Representatives to six terms.
  • Support simple majority in both House and Senate
  • Grant statehood to Puerto Rico


  • Prohibit American weapons manufacturers from making arms deals with dictatorships and human rights abusers.
  • Cut all military aid to dictatorships and human rights abusers.
  • Stop Arming Terrorists.
  • Increase Department of Veterans Affairs' funding
  • Cut military spending by 50% or more

National Security[edit]

Foreign Relations[edit]

Other Foreign Policy[edit]

  • Two-state solution if possible. Otherwise, it's only just that Palestine wins.
  • I strongly oppose Article 13 of the EU

Basic Points of my Thinking[edit]

  • SPOV: Whenever a subject is being discussed or thought about, it's USUALLY preferrable to have a scientific point of view. This mostly helps to avoid becoming a fundementalist crank.
  • Common Sense can usually get you in the ballpark of accuracy, and science can get you all the way there. This just means that using common sense is useful, but the scientific method is most often the best way to be accurate.
  • Value Human Rights and Liberties before all else.
  • Don't be a dick.

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