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My limericks, which I have added to RationalWiki's limerick generator:

The conspiracist called David Icke
Warns at length when he’s given the mike,
That we’re puppets on cords
Held by reptile lords
And this might as well be the Third Reich.
Those who cry about freedoms religious
Show hypocrisy levels prodigious,
For they’d fain supercede
All who don’t fit their creed,
Which creates situations litigious.
It's called "Dunning-Kruger effect"
When your ignorance you haven't checked;
Of your theory you're sure,
But the experts know more:
Their credentials aren't easily wrecked!
Dr. Len says the power is great
In the frequency five-twenty-eight.
He’ll misuse "ut-re-mi",
Citing fake history,
While A-Four-forty makes him irate.
They’ll misquote the U.S. constitution
For their so-called divine institution:
Compel schoolkids to pray,
Treat you less if you’re gay,
But when called out, they’ll cry “persecution!
A conservative pastor called Ted
Was not gay, and happily wed;
Though several times caught
With a male escort,
He's still hetero, or so he said.
There are so many climate deniers
Who will call all the scientists liars,
And work hard to produce
Any specious excuse
Not to do what the crisis requires.
The web address whale-dot-tee-oh
Has a mountain of crazy to show,
With unscientific panic
And rituals satanic
And complots from aeons ago.
Nothing new for the atheist’s in
Any book telling us not to sin,
For what many folks need
Is a heart, not a creed,
And morals that come from within.
The pro-lifer Right ain’t realistic:
At a woman’s choice, they go ballistic.
For your kid, you can’t care?
They won’t help with welfare;
No, face it: they're misogynistic.
The journalist Meghan E. Murphy
Has rhetoric that's pointedly TERF-y:
She'll go outside her ken
To call trans-women men
Which is just an unscientific furphy.
Though ContraPoints' humour be dark,
This philosopher sure makes her mark:
She may be the smartest
Theatrical artist
To fight for the Left with such snark.