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Richard Burgess, better known as Vegan Gains, is a Canadian vegan activist, bodybuilder and YouTuber. As of April 2018 he has over 300,000 subscribers.

He is known for his highly-charged videos about bodybuilding and vegan nutrition, his diatribes against those he disagrees with (which includes "SJW" ideas, non-vegans, and other vegan YouTubers) and his questionable behaviour and attitudes toward other human beings in general.

Vegan Gains or Vegan Ghoul?[edit]

Burgess is so lacking in empathy committed to vegan activism that he is not above taking advantage of other people's personal tragedies to promote his agenda.

The most egregious example occurred when his 82-year-old grandfather was suffering from a fatal heart attack, and Burgess, the loving grandson, video-recorded the event and posted it online in order to use Grandpa as an example of what happens to meat-eaters.[1] Unsurprisingly, it was soon deleted at the request of his family.

When meat-loving bodybuilder Peter Czerwinski (a.k.a. Furious Pete) was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 30, Burgess stepped in to gloat at what he saw as Czerwinski’s "just desserts" for eating meat, managing to leech heavily off of attention gained from Czerwinski’s enormous subscriber base in the process.[2] He doubled down on the gloating when Czerwinski’s cancer returned after a remission.[3]

Fortunately, his response to Rich Piana getting cancer in 2016 was distinctly more empathetic.[4]

Other behaviour[edit]

Burgess has confessed himself to be a sadist and misanthropist, and has repeatedly threatened — ironically, he claims — to attack and kill people (including children and babies) who eat animal products, while wielding a knife on camera.[1] He took his hatred of children one step further by getting a vasectomy.[5]

He also routinely posts aggressive and insult-filled video responses to other people he disagrees with, nearly always with the title form "[name] vs Vegan Gains". His targets include people on both sides of politics, extending even to those who are simply making a personal announcement they are not vegan or no longer vegan, which he feels the need to "debate" beyond simply correcting any misinformation he thinks they may have spread in their videos. For example, anti-social justice transgender YouTuber Blaire White’s announcement in 2018 that she had quit veganism after 10 years[6] got a particularly virulent pair of responses from him,[7][8] despite this being among her least offensive videos.[note 1]

Burgess holds anti-social justice and anti-political correctness stances himself. He is hostile to feminism[9][10] and Islam,[11] defends[12] and engages in casual racism and opposes Black Lives Matter,[13][14] and is against gender-neutral pronouns.[15] He has attacked Laci Green for her criticisms of the Trump administration[16] and the idea of false rape accusations,[17] as well as transgender feminist Riley Dennis for opposing fat-shaming[note 2] and for her (controversial) opinion that transgender-exclusionary dating preferences may be partly socially conditioned.[18]

Burgess has been called out for his stances by saner vegan YouTubers such as Reg Flowers[19][20] and Swayze Foster a.k.a. Unnatural Vegan.[21]

A sociopath no more[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Psychopath

In early 2016, Burgess posted a video of himself in a snowy forest with a much mellower manner than before, saying that he had gained a better capacity to empathise with others after a recent mushroom trip.[22] Unfortunately, however, he continues to use invectives such as "stupid bitch" against those who write material critical of plant-based diets.[23]

Health and nutrition[edit]

Burgess argues unequivocally for the nutritional superiority of veganism, to the point where he exaggerates its health benefits and makes such unjustifiably strong claims as "cancer is a preventable illness that is caused by animal products and can be treated through a whole foods vegan diet".[3] He takes the stance of "personal responsibility for your health" to the extreme endpoint of attributing people's ailments entirely to their consumption of meat and other animal products to the exclusion of any other factor. One result of this is that he takes the liberty to engage in fat-shaming of women,[21] ironically contrasting with his assertions that thin people such as Eugenia Cooney are "not naturally skinny" and have eating disorders.[24]

Burgess relies on material from T. Colin Campbell’s book, The China StudyWikipedia's W.svg,[25] loosely based on the extensive China-Cornell-Oxford Project:

Burgess: There's also this thing called The China Study, the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted, and it found that those following a plant based diet excluding all animal products have the lowest risk of chronic disease.[26]

He doesn't mention that Campbell’s book has been heavily criticised for ignoring the existence of thriving long-lived societies with high intakes of animal protein, confusing correlation with causation, and ignoring data and referencing sources that do not support the authors’ conclusions.[27][28][29]

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