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The Australian Chicken Christian Lobby is a right-wing Christian company based in Canberra, Australia. Led by Lyle Shelton, it was founded in 1995 by John Gagliardi, and is effectively Australia's answer to organizations such as the American Family Association.[1]

Their focus[edit]

Despite professing on their home page to "...desire a compassionate, just and moral society..."[2] the ACL's primary goal appears to be to be opposing anti-discrimination laws[3] and marriage equality.

In 2012, a survey of all of their press releases within a six-month period revealed that LGBT issues were their most written-about subject by a long shot, accounting for a total of 122 press releases, compared to only 25 for the second-most written about issue (human trafficking and prostitution), with little to none on a plethora of issues that you would think Christians would care about - a small handful of which includes asylum seekers, Christian leadership, drugs/alcohol, education, foreign aid, human rights, poverty, and the Bible(!)[4]

Another year-long survey of releases between 2015 and 2016 revealed that nothing had changed:[5] LGBT issues were still by far the most-written-about topic for the ACL, with asylum seekers and foreign aid receiving very little attention, despite that particular period of time coinciding with the height of the refugee crisis on Nauru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.[6]

Oh, and the ACL has also compared gay rights (along with the anti-bullying Safe SchoolsWikipedia's W.svg program) to the Holocaust and the rise of Nazi Germany.[7] Charming.

The fact that Lyle Shelton and the ACL consider opposing LGBT rights far more important than, you know, actually promoting Jesus or helping marginalized people in society calls into question the use of the word "Christian" in their name, especially since this stance puts them out of touch with a significant majority of Christians in Australia.[8] The company's preoccupation with LGBT issues makes it almost tempting to bring up Haggard's law, but that may be something for the future.

Following Australia's legalization of same-sex marriage after a postal vote in 2017, Shelton announced he was leaving the ACL to join the Australian ConservativesWikipedia's W.svg. To the surprise of exactly no-one, his entry into politics appears to be motivated by his annoyance that gays and lesbians can now marry the person they love.[9]