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Minor edit[edit]

Please note: Minor edit (spelling, grammar, adding refs/cats etc.): Checking the minor edit box signifies that the current and previous versions differ only superficially (typographical corrections, etc.), in a way that no editor would be expected to regard as disputable. Any edit that changes the meaning of an article is not a minor edit, even if the edit concerns a single word, and it is improper to mark such an edit as minor. See Help:Etiquette Scream!! (talk) 18:51, 17 March 2021 (UTC)

@Scream!! I thought I was doing alright, but in hindsight I think I see your point. Just to make sure I understand you properly, though, would you mind pointing me to one that stand out to you? I'm currently thinking some of the edits to pain were particularly disputable. In any case, I'll be sure to use the feature more conservatively. EyeSky (talk) 21:31, 17 March 2021 (UTC)
Not Scream but adding a comment to a talkpage isn’t minor, neither’s anything that needs this much explanation. Even if no reasonable person would dispute an edit, it still isn’t minor if it significantly changes the page; anything more interesting than adding a missing comma shouldn’t be tagged as minor (even Scream’s example of adding a reference or category is probably too significant to be tagged). Christopher (talk) 21:39, 17 March 2021 (UTC)
That makes sense. Thank you! EyeSky (talk) 22:03, 17 March 2021 (UTC)


Because of your edits to and time on the wiki, wizard Sysop has been added to your user rights. Feel free to let your newfound ᴘᴏᴡᴇʀ course through your veins. Once the high wears off, see RationalWiki:Sysop guide for more information. If you have questions, bleat ask away. Christopher (talk) 19:23, 23 March 2021 (UTC)