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Yogi "Start A Communal Riot" Adityanath (1972–), whose real name Ajay Singh Bisht, is a batshit insane militant Hindutva Monk who is hell-bent on turning India into a Hindu Nation.

He is the current Chief Minister of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh under the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

(Mis)Handling of the pandemic[edit]

Amid reports of patients and hospitals struggling to find and maintain oxygen supply, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked officials to take action under the National Security Act and seize the property of individuals who spread “rumours” and propaganda on social media and try to “spoil the atmosphere”.
—The Times of India, reporting on Yogi Adityanath's lies.[1].

To say that Yogi Adityanath handled the pandemic "poorly" would be like saying that jumping off a skyscraper only hurts a "little". Is it any surprise that Uttar Pradesh became one of the second-worst hit state of coronavirus in the entirety of India?

In 2020, while people were dying in hospitals and the Indian government was rounding everyone up to impose a total lockdown, Yogi spent only 4% of his advertising budget on coronavirus awareness and relief campaigns.[2] The remaining budget was used to fund TV and full page newspaper propaganda advertisements in order to keep approval ratings high when people were dying less from the virus itself but more of the oxygen shortage crisis caused by poor planning and infrastructure, which - not surprisingly - was entirely Yogi's fault.[3][4][5]

During the Delta wave in early to mid-2021, Uttar Pradesh took the brunt of the COVID surge. Why, you ask? Simple. Many of the state's hospitals completely ran out of oxygen, and refused to admit new patients[6] and complained how the state government effectively hung them out to dry[7]. Instead of doing what a decent person would have and procuring supplies to save lives in Uttar Pradesh, Yogi did what any good politician in his situation would, by lying that there was "no oxygen shortage in any COVID hospital" and threatening to seize the property of those requesting oxygen for 'spreading rumours'.[1]. When hospitals themselves put up notices that they literally couldn't admit patients anymore because there was no more oxygen, he took another leaf out of the quintessential dictator's playbook by filing criminal charges against them. What, you may ask, is the charge? "Spreading false rumors." Okay, Yogi. Suuuuure.

The government should explore all possibilities of raising oxygen supply and look for alternatives. Officials should get in touch with experts from IIT Kanpur and other technical institutes and look at the possibility of converting nitrogen to oxygen.
—Yogi Adityanath, in a spectacular display of ironic denialism, trying very, very hard to maintain his veneer of patience. [8]

But wait, it gets even worse.

Not only did Yogi utterly bungle the response, but his state government actively tried to hide and fudge COVID-19 data to avoid accountability for having the second worst record on handling the virus out of any other states. There were large discrepancies in the official death figures from the government data and the number of bodies being cremated and buried.[9] This was found especially in BJP-ruled states, because if there's one thing that the BJP loves it's censorship for a cause.[10][11]

Not surprisingly, photos of crematoria, funeral piles, and dead bodies floating in the holy Ganges river hit the Internet and spread like wildfire through the media.[12]. Of course, the government and its propaganda machine couldn't let the truth slide, and responded by accusing those media houses of "behaving like vultures", "disrespecting Hindu culture", and "plotting to undermine India".[13] As he realized that covering up the coronavirus might have been hurting his dwindling public perception, Adityanath then proceeded to implement even more measures - which, not surprisingly, weren't against the virus - by blocking the view of those crematoriums with metal blue sheets and disallowing people and journalists from entering them.[14]

Cows ≥ Humans[edit]

Adityanath is known for giving more importance to the welfare of Cows instead of Humans.

Humans important but cows important too
—Yogi Adityanath on mob lynchings[15]

69% of Cow related mob lynching incidents from India happens in Adityanath's own Uttar Pradesh.[16] About 1/5th of all communal incidents in Uttar Pradesh are cow-related.[17]

UP was also among the worst hit Indian states from the coronavirus.[18] Amid this humanitarian crisis caused by escalating cases and crippling shortage of medical supplies, Yogi Adityanath seemed more concerned about protecting the local stray cow population and his own public image, ordering directives to set up help-desks and protection centres for cows equipped with vital medical equipment such as oximeters and thermal scanners.[19] Over 5,268 such cow protection centres were built, to protect around 5,73,417 cattle in the state.[19]

In November 2021, Uttar Pradesh became the first Indian state to make a separate ambulance service for cows; with more than five hundred special ambulances each would be containing a veterinary and two assistants.[20] You don't even need satire in Yogi Adityanath's Uttar Pradesh.


Western feminism will hamper the creation and stability of the home and the family.
—Yogi Adityanath.[21]
Women are not capable of being left free or independent.
—Yogi Adityanath in an essay from 2014[22] talking about how giving women independence “may lead to wastefulness or destruction of women”.[23]
If men acquire women-like qualities, they become gods but when women acquire men like qualities, they become (‘rakshasa’) demon like.
—Yogi Adityanath,[24] when expressing his like for femboys opposing reservation for women

Unsurprisingly, Uttar Pradesh is an unsafe place for women,[25] being the highest contributor to "Crimes Against Women" in India.[26] Don't even think about registering a police case if the victim is from a lower caste.[27]

Adityanath's followers on many occasions have promoted the idea of digging up graves of Muslim Women and raping their corpse.[28]

Hatred of other religions[edit]

When I speak, thousands listen.. When I ask them to rise and protect our Hindu culture, they obey. If I ask for blood, they will give me blood. I will not stop till I turn UP and India into a Hindu rashtra.
—Yogi Adityanath in 2005, Etah, Uttar Pradesh, after converting 5,000 people to Hinduism[29]
This word ‘secularism’ is the biggest threat to develop India’s prosperous traditions and give it a spot on the global stage. The biggest hurdle is this. We have to move away from this and focus on this direction with a pure, moral and healthy life.
—Yogi Adityanath[30]


If one Hindu girl gets converted, we will convert 100 Muslim girls… If they kill even one Hindu, we will kill... [Crowd chants ‘100’]
—Yogi Adityanath[31]
If given a chance, we will install statues of Goddess Gauri, Ganesh and Nandi in every mosque
—Yogi Adityanath[32]

Ajay Bisht also praised Donald Trump’s Islamophobic policy that banned citizens from 7 Muslim majority countries entering the US and called for India to do the same.[33]

At a rally, he asked his audience to organise themselves to fight Muslims as “Hindu culture and Muslim culture can never coexist.” Another speaker at the rally suggests Muslim women be taken out of their graves and be raped. Yet another speaker at the same event states that after the formation of Hindu Rahstra, Muslims will be reduced to 2nd class citizens and their voting rights will be removed.[34]

“Anti Romeo Squad”[edit]

As the self-appointed guardian of Hindu culture, Adityanath has created "Anti Romeo Squad", a moral policing squad, which patrols Parks, Movie Theatres and College Campuses to give "red cards" to eve-teasers and to harass unmarried couples.[35]

Couples celebrating Valentine's day are given counseling since "Valentines Day" is an imported Western Celebration.[35] Despite his genius efforts, Uttar Pradesh remains one of the most dangerous places for women in India.

In 2005, Adityanath conducted a "purification Drive" to convert 1,800 Christians into Hinduism.[36]


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