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Women are not capable of being left free or independent
—Yogi Adityanath[1]

Yogi "Start A Communal Riot" Adityanath (1972–), real name Ajay Singh Bisht, is a militant Hindutva Monk who is hell-bent on turning India into a Hindu Nation.

He is the current Chief Minister of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh under the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Cows > Humans[edit]

Adityanath is known for giving more importance to the welfare of Cows instead of Humans.

Humans important but cows important too
—Yogi Adityanath on mob lynchings[2]

69% of Cow related mob lynching incidents from India happens in Adityanath's own Uttar Pradesh.[3]

In 2017 63 children died in a Government Hospital situated Adityanath's Constituency Gorakhpur due to shortage of Oxygen Cylinders.[4]

Views On Women[edit]

Western feminism will hamper the creation and stability of the home and the family.
—Yogi Adityanath.[1]
Women are not capable of being left free or independent.
—Yogi Adityanath.[1]
If men acquire women-like qualities, they become gods but when women acquire men like qualities, they become (‘rakshasa’) demon like.
—Yogi Adityanath.[5]

Unsurprisingly, Uttar Pradesh is an unsafe place for women.[6]

Adityanath's followers on many occasions have promoted the idea of digging up graves of Muslim Women and raping their corpse.[7]

Purification Drive[edit]

In 2005, Adityanath conducted a "purification Drive" to convert 1,800 Christians into Hinduism.[8]

Anti Romeo Squad[edit]

As the self-appointed guardian of Hindu culture, Adityanath has created "Anti Romeo Squad", a moral policing squad, which patrols Parks, Movie Theatres and College Campuses to give "red cards" to eve-teasers and to harass unmarried couples.[9]

Couples celebrating Valentine's day are given counseling since "Valentines Day" is an imported Western Celebration.[9] Despite his "genius" efforts, Uttar Pradesh is still the highest contributor to "Crimes Against Women" in India.[10] Don't even think about registering a police case if the victim is from a lower caste.[11]