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Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America

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World Hindu Council of America (called Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America in HindiWikipedia and abbreviated as VHPA[1]) is a social conservative Hindutva organization operating in the United States. It has sister organizations in many other countries in different parts of the world such as in the United Kingdom, in Canada, in Australia etc.


The view that marriage is defined as a union only between a man and woman, and not between and a man and a man and a woman and a woman, is a homophobic view. VHPA espouses this homophobic mindset by stating that "a wedding is only between man and a woman":

... a wedding is only between man and a woman. ... the thought of anyone else besides a man and a woman marrying each other doesn't even arise. ... One of the most important duties is to have children in order to fulfill their obligation to sustain society through progeny ...

The above statement also endorses the conservative mindset that having children is an "important duty" of a married couple. This mindset is used to justify opposition to same-sex marriage. The website of the VHPA quotes a Hindu priest from the US:

The wedding ceremony as described in the scripture ... says that ... to give best citizens to the universe I am getting married. So there should be a male and a female for this.

The sister organization in the United Kingdom, the VHP UK, supports civil partnership between same-sex couples, but believes the term marriage applies only to an union between a man and a woman. The following are quotes from their website:[3]

We also accept that individuals of the same gender who choose to live together have a legal right to have their action registered as a ‘Civil Partnership’, and that they are entitled to the appropriate civic and legal rights following such registration. We oppose any acts of discrimination against such individuals. We are of the opinion that the term Marriage should mean the union in matrimony of a man and a woman, and that a term other than Marriage, e.g., ‘civil partnership’, should be used for the living together, otherwise, of individuals. ... We agree that unions of individuals should be recognised in law, but are of the opinion that the term marriage should apply to the union of two individuals of opposite gender.
—VHP UK[3]

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