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North America

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North America. Hawaii is not part of it.

North America is part of the vast American Supercontinent that is all that remains of Pangaea after Europe, Africa, China and India.[citation needed]

North America contains Canada, the United States of America (excluding Hawaii, which is in the Pacific Ocean) Mexico, Greenland, the Caribbean islands. It is followed by Central America down to the Panama Canal. Some, however, prefer to lump Greenland in with Europe and Central America in with South America). North America also technically includes the bit of Iceland west of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, though Icelanders are culturally and economically European.

In addition to being NATO member states, the United States and Canada jointly host the North American Air Defense (NORAD) command, which remains active till this day.

There is a plot afoot[note 1] to create a "North American Union", by merging Canada, Mexico, and the US together through a NAFTA Superhighway. The currency would be the Amero. Somehow, this is supposed to dilute the sovereignty of the United States, despite the fact that, as the most populous, richest, and most powerful part of this union, it would likely dominate it. Instead, it is somehow supposed to create a "socialist mega-state."

Central America[edit]

These countries are way smaller than this map makes them look.

Central America is the part of North America south of Mexico. A good way to remember this is that it's the region between Mexico and Colombia. Its members are Belize,Wikipedia Costa Rica, El Salvador,Wikipedia Guatemala,Wikipedia Honduras,Wikipedia Nicaragua, and Panama. The reason this term exists is because the former six countries were part of the Federal Republic of Central America,Wikipedia which failed miserably after, just like Gran Colombia,Wikipedia everybody started getting pissed off at each other and seceding. Costa Rica is famous for being the largest country in the world that lacks a military; only time will tell whether this policy is sustainable. Most of these countries are quite repressive and in poverty, and the average person makes $8,698 in purchasing power parity a year. Essentially, this region is to Mexico as Mexico is to the U.S., as in a source of poor migrant workers a large chunk of the populace dislike.

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  1. According to crazy right-wingers, anyway