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Colombia (not "Columbia") is a South American country where Álvaro Uribe was president. Much of the cocaine in the United States comes from Colombia, despite the US spending billions to stop it by aerially spraying millions of kilograms of herbicides on its farms and forests engaging in anti-coca spraying operations.

Colombia has a massive problem with guerrilla warfare, reminiscent of how it went down in Argentina. As a major escalator of this crisis, Uribe was an ally of President George W. Bush, which is enough for some people to make him the devil. It is a relic of Gran Colombia, which also ruled over several other modern day nations. It was the twin failed expirement to the Federal Republic of Central America, though Gran Colombia stood a chance while FR Central America was doomed from the start.

Human rights violations[edit]

Pacific Exploration & Production Corp and Ecopetrol[edit]

Puerto Gaitan, Meta is the area where 25% of the nation's oil is extracted, and environmental contamination affects the local Sikuani indigenous community. [1]

An increase in social, labor, environmental, and trade union conflicts between oil companies, local communities, and industry employees in Puerto Gaitan has coincided with a phenomenon in which individuals involved in social protest have increasingly become the subjects of criminal proceedings. According to the National Seismological Network and the Colombian Geological Service, 976 earthquakes were recorded between April 2, 2013 and June 28, 2016, as opposed to 11 from 1999 to 2013. Some 81% of the personnel surveyed felt that the company where they worked did not allow free and voluntary union membership, and 79% thought they could be fired in retaliation for joining the union USO. An imbalance is also evident within the justice system in which allegations of murder and physical aggressions targeting demonstrators are met with a weak judicial response, and tend to remain in impunity, while investigations in which private companies are allegedly the victims advance with speed and agility. In addition, the direct funding by oil companies of the armed forces and the Prosecutor General’s Office calls into question the impartiality of the justice system, the military, and the police.

Although the direct causal link between the oil industry and increased seismic activity has not been established with certainty, temporal and geographical coincidence indicates a high probability that reinjection is linked to increased tremors. There is also no clear regulatory framework with regards to reinjection [2]

Chiquita Banana Corporation and crimes against humanity[edit]

To date, no executive has been held to account despite the company’s admission in 2007 that it funneled millions of dollars to Colombian paramilitaries that killed, raped, and disappeared civilians. Even after outside counsel and the U.S. Department of Justice said such payments were illegal under U.S. law, the payments continued from 1997 to 2002. While civil litigation is pending in U.S. courts against Chiquita executives, no criminal prosecution is on the horizon. Colombia has not been able to get jurisdiction over them, and there is no indication that the United States would extradite the executives. [3] [4]

Local woo[edit]

  • V.M. Rabolú, one of the authors of the Hercolubus mythos, was born and died in Colombia

Creationist account of Colombia[edit]

When God created Colombia, He said: "Well, I'll give them mountains, all the climates, high biodiversity, shores on two oceans, many species of delicious fruits...". Then an angel told him: "Hey Lord, don't you think you're giving way too many good things". And God said "Just wait to see the thugs I'll give them for politicians".


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