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Hating thy neighbour
Divide and conquer
Dog-whistlers is a racist web forum where people go to rant about how much they hate black people. The forum consisted largely of racist jokes and vulgar, emotional statements about how extreme users' hate is. It was one of the most popular racist sites on the Internet before being shut down in 2015.[1] Its URL subsequently redirected to a virtually identical site called — wait for it — Shitskin Plantation, which was itself closed down and replaced with a virtually identical website called Dindu Plantation. As of June 2019, Dindu Plantation has been redirected to, effectively restoring the original site. However there is one difference: the new Chimpout also targets Muslims in addition to blacks.

No equal-opportunity offense here[edit]

Unlike most other hate sites, Chimpout was very narrow in its focus. It generally limited its attacks to people of African descent, although other black ethnic groups (such as Papuans or Australian Aboriginals) were occasionally made the target of abuse. Forum rules prohibited bashing anyone based on sexual orientation, gender, religion, or membership in a non-black racial group.

The members of the forum ostensibly believed that black people are non-human animals (with non-blacks being referred to as "humans", as in "feral nigger stabs two humans"). They sporadically supported this contention by citing racial pseudo-science or by wildly misinterpreting real science. The two were sometimes juxtaposed in an unintentionally humorous fashion, such as citing real studies mapping the difference between human population groups as evidence that sub-Saharan Africans are more genetically distant from Asians and Europeans than Asians and Europeans are from each other and then asserting that this "evidence" applies to all people of any amount of African descent because of the one-drop rule.

Normally, however, no real pretense was made of justifying their views. They were simply assumed and the posters spent most of their time obsessing over black celebrities, posting newslinks to crime stories involving black suspects, or putting up numerous pics of scantily clad black women and labeling them hideous. The forum was also noteworthy for having its own racist vocabulary. For example, blacks who were killed were referred to as having been "goodified" or "made good", since, in the view of the site's users, "the only good nigger is a dead nigger". Another example was routinely referring to a given black person by the pronoun "it".[citation needed]

Relationship to white nationalism[edit]

Chimpout was not a white nationalist site, even though some posters were white nationalists. Unlike white nationalist sites, Chimpout did not appear to discriminate against any non-black ethnic group or against women or homosexuals, and posters from non-black minorities sometimes participated. Nonetheless, homophobic and misogynistic comments were sometimes seen, if they were thoroughly racialized. For example, black males were sometimes referred to as being "down low" or "on the down-low", a derogatory term for a closeted gay black man (borrowed from African-American culture, oddly enough). Black women were also often referred to by terms ironically-borrowed from misogynistic gangsta rap culture. Nonetheless, this type of language was only ever applied to blacks, and non-black posters from all backgrounds were welcome.

On the surface, Chimpout appeared to target a narrower group with its hate, but also took more extreme positions towards that group. White nationalist forums are generally filled with statements about how separation is allegedly good for all races and white people just want to be left alone! Chimpout, on the other hand, seemed clear in attaching absolutely no value to black life. Posters were known to cheer the deaths of black murder victims, including children, regardless of innocence. A typical thread had users laughing at a video of a black baby being stomped on and explaining how they'd love to stomp on a black baby themselves. The universal consensus among the site's users was that all blacks should be violently exterminated altogether. Indeed, users of the site often celebrated conflicts and genocides in Africa. For example, Rwanda's entry in the "Chimpout Nigger World Atlas" states that "The worst part of the Monkeycide was that it didn't kill every single fucking nigger in Rwanda."

Much of this stemed from the fact that Chimpout was designed for a different purpose than most white nationalist sites. White nationalists are often guided by the "New Orleans Protocols", a plan drafted in 2004 by various "mainstream" (for lack of a better word) far-right leaders to try to make white nationalism more mainstream and to broaden its appeal. To this end, they generally try to tone down their rhetoric, act more inclusively towards people and groups with like-minded goals, disavow violence, and shun people and groups that engage in or call for violence.[2] Chimpout seemed to be aimed more at venting general hostility to blacks, and its members seemed to largely be involved with mainstream Republican and Libertarian political campaigns. Thus, they might've tried to play up their prejudice for humor value and to vent their emotions. Some evidence of this was seen whenever notable black Republicans or libertarians were mentioned. Some posters pressed the idea that all blacks are biologically bestial or metaphysically evil, while others dismissed such threads as misguided or even defended the person being bashed.


Niggermania started the trend of sites devoted solely to mocking the black race. Chimpout was created after a falling-out between Niggermania admin Tom Shelly and members of his userbase at the time. Both sites have likely inspired the copycat site "Chimpmania" that largely targets the same discerning clientele with the same rhetoric.[3]

The popular humor website Something Awful has featured articles about Chimpout and Niggermania, compiling a selection of particularly idiotic posts from the two sites.


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