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Darrell Y. Hamamoto is a former Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis, whose respected and trail-blazing scholarly work is tempered by his descent into batshit conspiracy theories and his appearances on InfoWars and Red Ice TV.

Early life and education[edit]

Hamamoto received his education at CSU Long Beach, Bowling Green State University, and UC Irvine.[1] He is a Japanese-American.

Academic career[edit]

Hamamoto was a tenured faculty member at UC Davis for 22 years, retiring in 2018.[2]

In his earlier career, Professor Hamamoto was a trail-blazing scholar in the field of Asian American Studies. He did some important work, writing about the desexualization of Asian men in American culture. His interest in the topic led him to produce his own porno film starring an all-Asian cast called Skin On Skin, which lead to him being featured on an episode of The Daily Show.[3]

Despite his high profile and tenure, by his own admission he apparently did not have a good relationship with his students. In appearances on InfoWars, he frequently would speculate that students were being planted in his class as snitches, presumably on behalf of the school's administration that wanted to take him out. He's also blatantly racist towards mixed-race students. Two student reviewers indicated that Hamamoto is racist:[4]

Although I DO think he has a lot to offer as a professor, he IS a prick...He is a self proclaimed “reverse racist”, so if you are not asian taking this class, be extra careful not to do anything to piss him off, even more so if you are a guy.

I signed up for ASA2 with him, and dropped it after the first lecture. I laughed at half of the stuff he said, because it was ridiculous. The other half of it was pretty damned offensive. My roommate has told me that he attacks students that are the products of multi-ethnic relationships, and will literally try to blacklist TA’s that don’t agree with him from the Asian American Studies department

I had him as a guest lecturer in an Asian American Studies class one day near the end of the quarter. Man, is that guy nuts! He’s into every conspiracy theory on the planet! I agree that Monsanto is a terrible company that doesn’t have my best interests in mind while maximizing profits, but he went on and on about how they are working with the Bilderberg group to sterilize all the minorities with cancers, especially of the reproductive organs, to eliminate them completely. He made a point to “search engine” it, “not Google” because Google is in on it and purposefully censors information about this genocide so the sheeple don’t find out.

Suffice it to say that not only is Hamamoto a person who does not practice academic thoroughness but also that he is a bit of a racist and, apparently, a really incompetent teacher.

Conspiracy theories[edit]

It appears that at some point, he became side-tracked from his area of expertise, and most of his writing and focus became based on the "New World Order." His version of this old classic sees a shadowy cabal consisting of the Society of Jesus, the entertainment industry, and universities to promote a "Satanic global agenda", in part through the use of occult imagery.[5][6] He even wrote a book about it.

Most of his other theories are completely nonsensical, like claiming that former UC Davis chancellor Linda Katehi held patents on antennas that she was using to transmit mind-control rays to the student body. In a 2018 appearance on InfoWars, he strongly implied that John Kerry's 2016 trip to Antarctica involved him checking in on weather control weapons that are based there.[7] His propensity for general wingnuttery has been evidenced by his semi-regular appearances on InfoWars.[8][9]