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This article is about the conservative pundit. For other Dicks named Morris, see Morris.
Politically, he’s the most unbelievable guy around.
—Underwear Guy (Doug Depierro) on Dick Morris[1]
I've been thinking about starting a hedge fund, just to invest in whatever Morris says won't happen.
Nate Silver[2]

Dick Morris is a conservative pundit and pollster. He worked with Bill Clinton as governor of Arkansas (i.e. ever since 1978, during Clinton's first election[3]) and as President. After working with the Clinton administration, he went Republican and started appearing on Fox News, and got a regular segment on The O'Reilly Factor. (He was in fact a Republican strategist before 1994,[4] and Clinton started consulting him in secret ever since 1992.[5] It was Morris who put Clinton in the third way triangulation stuff.) He also still polls. He once let a prostitute suck on his toes while he was working for Clinton, and also did an impersonation of Popeye the Sailor Man for her.[6] He doesn't like Clinton anymore, and really dislikes Clinton's wife, Hillary Clinton; this was because the Clintons cast him aside after an alleged dalliance with a call girl.[7]

He was terminated from Fox in 2013, on his own admission for being wrong with his political predictions,[8] and later in 2013 became the "chief political commentator and correspondent" for... get this... the National Enquirer![3]

Nowadays, he can be found on Newsmax, one of the perpetual fonts of far-right wingnuttery, either as part of his weekly half-hour show or guest-starring on one of several others, yelling about how teaching kids about racism will reinforce the Oedipal complexes that they all have,[9] while a random guy walks across the shot in his underwear.[10]

Vendetta against Hillary Clinton[edit]

Dick Morris is not the first man to feel bitter about his old job, but he has certainly gone the extra mile to make his bitterness known. On The O'Reilly Factor, Morris told Laura Ingraham that his "old friend" Hillary Clinton was conspiring to create a global EPA through the United Nations.[11] Given the UN's record on "getting us to heaven"[12] Mr. Morris and Ms. Ingraham have nothing to fear.

Among other books, he has written Rewriting History, which is largely a rebuttal to Hillary Clinton's self-satisfied autobiography Living History. Dick Morris seems to carry a lot of silly bitterness towards Hillary.

Underwear Guy[edit]

A live video interview between Morris and Newsmax host Rob Schmitt about the 2024 Iowa caucus included a guy in his underwear calmly walking across Morris’s shot.[10]

Doug Depierro (AKA Underwear Guy) later appeared on Gutfield! to clarify that he wasn’t “Morris’s gay friend, the pool boy, [or] whatnot,” but was there to set up the backdrop for the technically inept Morris. Oh, and that he also an artist who restores the murals at Mar-a-Lago for Trump.[1]

Assorted lies[edit]

Perhaps it comes with the profession, but Dick Morris is quite mendacious. As a Republican operative, he has decried Barack Obama as a dictator (doing things for which Bush was praised).[13] He also tends to bullshit about the economy. [14]

As a pollster[edit]

Dick Morris anticipated Mitt Romney would win the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election in a landslide. He was wrong.[15]

See also[edit]

  • David Frum -Dick Morris in reverse, a Republican who turned Democrat.
  • Vince Foster -A Clinton aide who didn't go on to a cushy job.

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