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Umar Rashad Ibn Abdullah-Johnson (born Jermaine Shoemake)[1][2][3] (1974–) is an African-American psychologist, scam artist, bigot and crank, known for his views on race, conspiracies, and homophobia. He is the author of Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education & ADHD Wars against Black Boys.[4]

Black nationalism and snake oil[edit]

As the self-proclaimed "Prince of Pan-Africanism", Johnson is an example of how charlatans can exploit vulnerable minority communities for personal gain. He appeals to the racial oppression that black people have endured while using Black nationalist rhetoric along with promoting various conspiracy theories in order to make people aware of what's happening around them. From there he promotes his $olution$ which often involve donating money. As a black nationalist, he has promoted many racialist theories. One of his bizarre claims are that Black people are of the Sun and White people are of the ice.[5] He is against the idea of intermarriage, believing that the black family is under attack and any black man that dates outside of his race is an Uncle Tom.[6]

Dubious academic background and credential controversy[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Credentialism

One of the main controversies surrounding Johnson is his dubious background and outlandish beliefs. He has made claims of having six degrees.[7] This has caused many to question his academic credentials.[8] Johnson's response to these claims was that the controversy comes from his rise to prominence on media platforms. There was speculation on whether he had actually obtained a doctorate degree from Millersville University. It was eventually proven that he received a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.[1][9]

Homophobia and misogyny[edit]

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Perhaps Johnson's biggest claim to fame is his machismo and attacks against the LGBTQ+ community. Johnson is a massive homophobe while claiming he has nothing against homosexuality. Johnson has made many homophobic statements against the LGBTQ+ community. Like many bigots, Johnson has claimed homosexuality to be a mental illness.[10] Johnson has also made many misogynistic claims, often blaming black women for "castrating" young black men due to being a single mother and lack of "traditional" values in the home.[11]

School funding[edit]

Johnson is an advocate for economic empowerment within the African-American community. He is often seen speaking at live events, on social media, and other media platforms trying to encourage others to donate money for his Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy. He has made many claims that his school is being built soon and that he only needs a few more donations to finally establish a building in {insert year here} in {insert city here}.[12] As of 2022, there has been only one IRS filing available, from 2020, which showed $518,048 in assets,[13] but this is likely because of IRS backlog.[14] As of 2022, not much else is known about the charity's organization or finances.[14]

Other wacky claims[edit]

Johnson has made a number of claims and factually inaccurate statements that have no basis in reality. He has claimed that Chinese was the official language in South Africa.[15] Out of huge admiration for influential African American figures, he claims to be a blood relative of Frederick Douglass.[16] There is no evidence to back this claim.[17]

Coronavirus-related quackery[edit]

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Johnson has claimed that the coronavirus is a government plan to destroy the Chinese economy.[18] He has also suggested blacks are immune to the disease.[19] Ironically, African-Americans have suffered disproportionately from the pandemic.[20]

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