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Enver Hoxha

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Enver Hoxha (pron. En-vair Hode-ja) (1903–1985) was the Jedi[1] Stalinist dictator of Albania (from 1944-1985) and author of many[note 1] exercises in sectarian, doctrinaire hairsplitting like Eurocommunism is Anti-Communism.[3]

Under his long administration he oversaw the economic and social transformation of Albania from a feudal relic which was formerly ruled by a despot named ZogWikipedia (yes, really)[note 2] to a relatively modernized state.[4] In his paranoia, however, he had an annoying tendency to turn on and denounce his former allies as being anti-Communist dupes and revisionists, which he did first with Yugoslavia, then the Soviet Union,[3] and finally with his sole remaining ally China. As a result, Albania was led into isolation from the rest of the world, without any real help from any world power, a rarity for the era. He also really fucking loved bunkers.Wikipedia In fact, a bunker is nowadays the Albanian equivalent of the backseat of a car in America when it comes to losing one's virginity.

Along with Romania, Albania was one of the most bizarre Eastern European Communist regimes. They banned bell bottoms, for example. They also banned beards so the Muslims and Christians couldn't tell each other apart. They also tried, tortured, and executed many clergy and believers. He took Karl Marx "opiate of the masses" line to the extreme and brutally persecuted religion in Albania.[5] These campaigns against religion were unsuccessful and probably were counterproductive.[6]

North Korea is probably less popular now than Albania was then, but only just. The nukes are the tiebreaker.

Not to be outdone by Stalin apologetics, there are currently Communist parties in about 25 countries that support Hoxhaism.Wikipedia

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