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This is the Liberal Dictionary Project. It is intended to counter the CONSERVATIVE BIAS and deceit inherent in the dictionary project of a certain other wiki starting with C. Here are my liberal words so far:


Definitions are alphabetized.



True liberal meaning- The act of not having sex; usually the result of shame-based sex education

False conservative redefinition- Something that is just short of saintliness


True liberal meaning- Not claiming to know for sure whether or not a God/Gods exist; agnostic/gnostic are on a different axis than atheism/theism

False conservative redefinition- An affirmation of ignorance regarding the existence of a God or gods


True liberal meaning- Selflessly caring for the well-being of others or of humanity as a whole; being charitable

False conservative redefinition- Something that Christians have the monopoly on; something that is only possible through the teachings of their particular God


True liberal meaning- The lack of belief in a God or Gods

False conservative redefinition- Denial of a particular God's existence; a discredited and failing liberal worldview known to cause mass murder, immorality, uncharitableness, obesity and other negative consequences.

Atheism Derangement Syndrome (ADS)[edit]

Liberal word True liberal meaning- A frequent disease among paranoid and usually conservative (but at times also liberal) theists, which leads them to hate everything atheists do and blame all current problems on either atheism, atheism, or atheism. This often exhibits itself in the form of Fox News's War On Christmas™, or some Muslims on social media demanding that unflattering images made by atheists involving their religion be censored because they just should, that's why.

False conservative redefinition- Something whose existence they will deny, often instead obsessing over a nonexistent "Conservapedia obsessive compulsive disorder" or some "Christianity/Trump/Bush Derangement Syndrome"


Liberal word (coined by me)
True liberal meaning- The secular version of Christmas; basically Christmas, but without any of the religious aspects; hence the name, "Athmas"

False conservative redefinition- N/A (this is something whose existence they will deny; conservatives often argue that there is a nonexistent "War On Christmas")



True liberal meaning- When something is rigged in favor of a certain position; can be liberal or conservative

False conservative redefinition- Something that nobody on Conservapedia has. Nobody.


Conservative term
True liberal meaning- A made-up snarl word that religions and oversensitive theists who had grown accustomed to their beliefs never being challenged shout whenever they are contradicted

False conservative redefinition- Something they think is somehow an act of oppression; an excuse that theocrats have used (and still do to this day) to keep secular activists silent and marginalized

Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS)[edit]

Conservative term
True liberal meaning- A made-up term that conservatives falsely accuse liberals of in an attempt to distract from their own Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) that is caused by paranoia and anger at Obamacare and other policies of Barack Obama, and blaming all problems that occured throughout his term on him. Often exhibits itself in the form of "Obama's a Muslim!" or "Obama was born in Africa!"

False conservative redefinition- A frequent disease among paranoid liberals which leads them to hate everything George W. Bush did and blame all current problems on him.


Charles Darwin[edit]

True liberal meaning- A biologist and naturalist, who is best known for discovering and proving evolution and natural selection of wild species.

False conservative redefinition- The Great Satan.


True liberal meaning- A follower of the Christian religion

False conservative redefinition- A perfect, innocent little angel who is incapable of ever doing anything wrong, and who is always the victim of persecution no matter what, even if they are a majority.

Christian By Name Only[edit]

Conservative term
True liberal meaning- A made-up term that conservatives (and sometimes also liberal Christians) use to disassociate themselves with any member of their faith they don’t like

False conservative redefinition- Any Christian whom Andrew Schlafly finds personally distasteful


True liberal meaning- A religion that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible; just one fairy tale out of many

False conservative redefinition- The One True Religion™. They know it’s true because it just is.


True liberal meaning- A holiday celebrated at around the winter solstice that, while usually celebrated as a Christian religious holiday, contrary to what many conservatives like to claim, incorporates many pagan, non-Christian traditions and rituals

False conservative redefinition- Something that is constantly under attack by atheists, Freedom From Religion Foundation, and "politically-correct" leftists; something that Donald Trump, Freedom From Atheism Foundation, and Fox News must repeatedly fight a war to protect each and every winter season


True liberal meaning- Nonsense; gibberish; BS

False conservative redefinition- Anything that Andy doesn’t like; is usually preceded with the word “liberal” in this context

Climate Change[edit]

True liberal meaning- The gradual change in the average global temperature due to an increasing amount of CO2 emissions; will cause disastrous consequences if the people in power continue to pretend that it doesn’t exist

False conservative redefinition- A made-up concept created by an evil librul conspiracy to trick conservatives into giving up the CO2-emitting possessions they hold dear; many of them argue that it was invented by China to bankrupt ‘Murica


True liberal meaning- An oppressive government system in which all property is owned by the state, and where human rights are almost nonexistent

False conservative redefinition- Atheism


True liberal meaning- The Trusworthy Encyclopedia. Is made of Young Earth Creationism and deceit.

False conservative redefinition- The Trustworthy Encyclopedia.


Darwin Derangement Syndrome (DDS)[edit]

Liberal word
True liberal meaning- A frequent disease among paranoid creationists which leads them to hate everything Charles Darwin wrote and blame all current problems on him and his evilution scientific theory of evolution.

False creationist redefinition- Something whose existence they will deny; creationists often argue that their obsession with Darwin is justified

Dawkins Derangement Syndrome (DkDS)[edit]

Liberal word
True liberal meaning- A frequent disease among paranoid theists which leads them to hate everything Richard Dawkins says, regardless of whether he actually had a point or not, and blame all current problems on him and/or his works.

False conservative redefinition- A made-up term that Dawkins-worshipping atheists invented to silence all criticism of their Messiah; invented out of anger in regards to the latest operation of a certain creationist individual with a name starting with K. LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!

Gentlemen! I will deport your precious buttoneer, enabling me to destroy RW pansies on the internet. You should all be pasteurizing over Operation dollhouse, which will likely give Conservapedia a top result on a certain search engine starting with G.


True liberal meaning- Natural selection; the survival of the fittest, best-adapted species under environmental pressures

False conservative redefinition- A catch-all snarl word they lazily use to describe anything and even vaguely resembles that goatdamn Evilution.

Donald Trump[edit]

True liberal meaning- He is the

Orange Juice

. A racist, sexist, orange baboon whose hands and naughty bits are YUUUUUUUUGE!!!

False conservative redefinition- Their Messiah and God-Emperor; the bestest president ever in the history of 'Murica. He is totally not racist or misogynistic.



True liberal meaning- Supporting equal rights for all humans regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, belief, etc.

False antifeminist redefinition- A buzz word that they often use when pretending to be progressive; even if their views are decidedly anything but progressive


True liberal meaning- Bad; malicious; with the intent to cause harm

False conservative redefinition- Anything liberal or atheistic; whatever Andrew Schlafly doesn't like


True scientific meaning- The scientific theory of the origin of species due to change and natural selection over millions of years; currently accepted by nearly all scientists, and has mountains of evidence

False creationist redefinition- The baseless idea promoted by some evil atheist conspiracy that we came from rocks[note 1].


  1. I honestly couldn't make this up.