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Welcome to RationalWikiWikiWiki!
'Hello, dear reader! And welcome to the looking-glass world of RationalWikiWikiWiki, a wiki all about RationalWikiWiki. NO MAKING A RATIONALWIKIWIKIWIKIWIKI!!!.

RationalWikiWiki currently has π articles.

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Goals Goats

RationalWikiWiki was the most average website founded by "Admin" and made by Radioactive afikomen Hans Johnson and False Flag. By observing RationalWikiWikians' behavior in their natural habitat, we aim to:

Identify anything happening

Seriously, if you see anything happening - anything at all - please add it to our news ticker.

Observe conflict resolution procedures

RationalWiki doesn't really have a conflict resolution procedure, as a result when offended a RationalWikian will run over to RationalWikiWiki and whine about it. We hope to be able to see who these people are by their tiresome moaning.

The end

RWW closed its doors for good at the end of March 2013. Archived pages can be found in various userpages.

What is going on at RationalWikiWiki?

30The rationalwikiwiki.org domain was scooped up by an e-cigarette store in October 2013. No, no-one else noticed either.
38The Party's Over
7After much bragging by MC that he was the better man during his email exchanges with AD, AD posts them. Surprise, surprise, MC is confirmed as shallow and cowardly.
4So, who gets to be Frodo? And does that make Ace Aragorn or Legolas?
1The return of the 500 error
6Someone decides to rename everyone...
8Fanfiction? What fanfiction?
3A long-standing super-secret RationalWikiWiki policy of reverting vandalism by "bot rollback" is accidentally exposed and promptly abandoned.
4RWW: now home to power-tripping internet bullies & fascists.
5Tmtoulouse announces a new era for RWW.
1Hans experiments with redesigning the main page.
4Phew! It was just a dream parodist.
4Oh. Dear. God. No.
7Finally - voting is open for the 2011 RationalWiki Awards.
8 And on the third fifteenth day it rose again.
4 RationalWikiWiki, 2008-2011. Rest In Peace.
6 It's all ACORN's doing![1]
4Ballot stuffing issues[2] prompt an HCM[3] resulting in the suspension of the 2011 RationalWiki Awards vote[4] and the blocking of Brxbrx.[5]
10After some issues, the 2011 RW awards are open for voting[6] ...if you can get past the internal server errors.
Older news

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