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Biblioteca Pleyades

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Pleiadians must love WordArt, since their website uses it in every single entry.
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Biblioteca Pleyades is a website that archives information about alternative medicine, conspirituality, New Age crap, paranormal phenomena, pseudohistory, pseudoscience, and UFOs.[1][2] Its content is mostly written in English, though Spanish makes up a significant minority (35%).[1] In fact, "Biblioteca Pleyades" is Spanish for "Pleiades Library".

Unsurprisingly, much of the information gathered is claimed to come from the Pleiadians, even though the site itself warns that this might not be true in all cases.[3] The site has eagerly copied all kinds of material from all over the web, piecing together a large collection of contradictory pieces of information, all tastefully decorated with WordArt, apparently in keeping with the Pleiadian inspiration.

Examples of content[edit]

In the spiritual/metaphysical area, a wide range of channeled material (e.g. from New Age outer space aliens and inner space entities) and other writing by authors associated with the New Age genre can be found. For example, the older material claimed to come from the Cassiopaeans (which predicted in mid-1994 that 94% of humanity would be eaten by evil lizard aliens by 2007) can be found there.[4][note 1]

Following rather than setting trends in conspiracy theories, the website unsurprisingly copies material which supports the hoax document The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (and denies being antisemitic and claims to look beyond the Jews and refer to the Illuminati in general),[5] promotes the Khazar myth,[6] and conspiracy theories about the Rothschilds[7] and George Soros,[8] etc.

Going beyond more common themes in alternative medicine,[note 2] the website can on the one hand blindly echo quackery of more serious kinds, like a sales pitch for using "Miracle Mineral Solution", i.e. a form of bleach which is ingested so as to cure cancer, HIV and other serious diseases,[10] and alongside that on the other hand carry an article against the same quackery by a non-mainstream doctor.[11] This seems a result of simply copying and adding things as found on the web over the years, without any more specific aim.

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  1. Indeed, the Cassiopaean channeling contains a claim to the effect that said channeled source is also strongly associated with the Pleiadians, which may or may not explain why it was archived on Biblioteca Pleyades.
  2. E.g. claims that vaccines cause autism... [9]