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David Wilcock (1973–) is an American author known for promoting pseudoscience, including but not limited to ideas of aliens and New Age spirituality, and attempting to convince his readers that his ideas are factual. His profile on Coast to Coast AM describes him as "a professional intuitive consultant." Wilcock has been described as an example of a first-generation provider of conspirituality.[1] He mixes and matches hippie philosophy with QAnon and other alt-right trends, for profit.

He was under contract to Gaia TV until resigning in July 2018, claiming an abusive work environment, unfair compensation, and deceptive editing of its programs.[2]

Wilcock and his associate Corey Goode have drawn heavily upon the Law of One teaching, promoting and commercializing conspiracism which they link to its ideas, at odds with the wishes of the organization behind the original teaching. Wilcock and Goode also cash in on promises of furthering spiritual ascension for those who buy and follow their online courses.[3]


Wilcock claims in his book and on his website that everything from extraterrestrial visitation, 2012 phenomena to reincarnation and ancient aliens are all scientific and factual. He believes in "ancient prophecies" and how they apparently align with the "latest research in quantum physics." He wrote that in 2012 there would be a consciousness shift on Earth.[4] It didn't happen. Or at least invariably "too subtle to register" in any case.

On his website, he claims to have achieved a great personal spiritual breakthrough in 1996 by means of studying the Law of One; thereafter Wilcock was supposedly linked to his Higher Self in direct verbal inner communication, his Higher Self supposedly showing its ability to accurately predict the future "with great precision" and to bestow unending spiritual wisdom.[5] Naturally, this is well and truly demonstrated by his later work.[citation NOT needed]

On the radio show Coast to Coast AM, 30 August 2016, Wilcock said:

We are surrounded by dozens and dozens and dozens of different extraterrestrial civilizations, that not only visit us, but this is their home. And that's a very important point. There is such a need for space--for living space--on the Moon that the back side of the Moon is just developed out as much as you can handle.[note 1]

In his book The Source Field Investigations (2011) he advocated intelligent design and vitalism by writing that all biological life on earth emerges directly out of a hypothetical immaterial source field.[6][7] Wilcock also believes he is the reincarnation of the prophetic bible thumpin' Edgar Cayce.[8]

Wilcock's 2016 book is titled The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil. According to historian Jason Colavito, who reviewed it, it is more about the cosmic battle between Wilcock and his high school bullies. See External sources.

His cohort Corey Goode invented a "Secret Space Program" and positive "Blue Avian" aliens which they both claimed to know all about. Goode claims to have been enrolled in said program from age 6 for 20 years, communicating with the friendly aliens; he sold that story with Gaia TV until parting ways with them and (together with Wilcock) feuding with them. He then decided to legally fight them when they had another person continue to talk about the same subjects. Trying to gain exclusive rights to talk about them, Goode attempted to trademark the earlier quoted names and more of his key phrases. Wilcock, meanwhile, accused Gaia TV of being involved with a sinister Luciferian agenda promoting pedophilia, cannibalism, etc.[9]


David Wilcock peddled the idea that the Illuminati Deep State was the cause of COVID-19 and that he knew how to save humanity, soliciting donations from his followers. (His associate Corey Goode also promoted conspiracy theories aligned with Chinese propaganda, claiming that the virus is an American bioweapon.)[3]


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  1. Readers wishing to check the veracity of that statement are advised to study the high-resolution imagery returned by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. The ACT-REACT quick map is one easy way. Every spot whose longitude is greater than 90° East or West is on the back side.